Numbers in Dreams: Why the Number is Often the Most Important Thing!

Ask Yourself What the Number Represents to You

If you remember a particular number from a dream, rest assured that the number (itself) is important. In fact, it very well may be the most important thing about the dream. Think about it – each dream involves some type of number. For example, you may dream about 4 cats, 2 people, 1 cake, etc. But we don’t always place importance on the numbers, themselves.

Why? Most of the time, the number simply isn’t important to the dream’s meaning.

However, if you have a particular dream and, when retelling or reliving the details, you make a point of naming a certain number (such as a number of objects, a “head count,” a particular number of days….) – THEN the number is of importance.

In fact, it may be the most important thing about the dream.

A few examples:

  • If you dream about the number 2, odds are the number has to do with a romantic relationship – one you either value, wish you had, are concerned about. or miss.
  • If you dream about a particular number, it could stand for the number of children (or pets) you have.
  • A number could also be the total of people in your immediate family – usually in your household.
  • If you have  a spouse and, say, 3 children, the number 4 could simply represent the total of people you care extra deeply about and worry the most about.
  • The number 1 can have several meanings – it could mean everything from loneliness to a feeling of supreme confidence and cockiness! Only the dreamer can say for certain.

When you remember a particular number from your dream (that is to say the number “stands out” for whatever reason), the first thing you should do is ask yourself what the number REPRESENTS to you.  Usually, the first thing that comes to mind is what the number truly represents to you.

After you have your source, look at the type of dream you had. Was it carefree, happy, peaceful, and fun or was it scary, chaotic, and unsettling?

Let’s say you realize that the number 3 represents the number of children you have. If your dream was chaotic and possibly even scary – this would indicate that you are (in some area) worried or concerned about these children.  Possibly you had recently been thinking about the cost of college or the crime rate.

It could be that you were worried about them physically, spiritually, or emotionally.  You could, also – of course – been worried about something happening to you…. wondering how they’d get along without you.

Finally, you could have been wondering if you you are doing all you could for them (after all, parents never think they’re actually doing enough!).

If the dream was unsettling, then it represents something unsettling in your thoughts during the hours leading up to the dream – not your overall thoughts.  It could have simply been one fleeting thought you had during the day that simply showed up in the dream.

If the dream was carefree and fun, it was simply your subconscious mind celebrating a great day or “acting out” pleasant thoughts.

On my self help blog, I always talk about the importance of having a positive attitude.  I frequently write about how vital it is to welcome and entertain only positive thoughts (as much as possible, that is).  Your dreams are simply another reason why keeping an upbeat attitude is important. If your mind is troubled during the day, more times than not, your dreams will be troubled at night.

Try to remember that when your alone with your thoughts – they’ll probably revisit you in one way or another.

For more information about what numbers mean in dreams, including interpretations for specific numbers, please see Numbers in Dreams.