What Do Numbers in Dreams Mean?

Number Dreams Mean Different Things to Different Dreamers

Have you ever had a dream where a number, or numbers, stood out kind of like a sore thumb?  Maybe there were a certain number of objects in your dream or a particular number on a house.  If the numbers stand out to you, they have a significance.

Put simply, if you remember a number from your dream, it means something!

Here’s where it gets kind of tricky. For the most part, different numbers mean different things to different people.

  • A number can represent an age.
  • A number can represent a favorite athlete’s (uniform number).
  • A number can represent the number of children you have.
  • A number can represent a house.
  • A number can represent a date.
  • A number can represent a Bible verse.
  • A number can represent the number of days in a week.
  • A number can represent the number of months in a year.

There are many, many more examples, but these are a few of the most obvious ones.  As you can see – just by going by these alone – the number 23 could mean different things to different people. For me, when I think of the number 23, I think of the 23rd Psalm in the Bible.  The next person may think of an athlete and the one after that may think of her/his birthday.

When a number stands out to you in a dream, simply ask yourself what is significant about this number to you. More likely than not, the significance will come to you right away.  The answer will be what your subconscious was focusing on. If it’s your anniversary date, for example, you’ve probably been thinking a great deal about your spouse.

If the number is your birth date (or age), you may have been feeling excited (or not so excited!) about an upcoming birthday.  The dream interpretation could also be that you’ve simply been thinking a lot about age recently.

If the number represents the number of kids you have, number of pets in your family, or the combined number of people in your family – the dream analysis is a pretty sweet one. You want to protect, nurture, and care for the family you cherish.

Certain numbers have a universal symbolism.  However, these numbers can also mean something more personal, like the examples above. Only the dreamer knows for sure.

The universal symbolism of  certain numbers:

  • 1 – the number one usually represent loneliness. However, many sports fans dream of the number in the context of being first – a “We’re number One!” type of thing.
  • 2 – the number two usually represents a couple. The number 2 can represent a relationship – either romantic or non-romantic.  The number 2 can also represent two different opinions or sides of an argument.
  • 4 – the number 4 often represents something “complete” or “whole” – such as 4 sides of a box or the 4 seasons.  Many people who dream about the number 4 are trying to come to terms with something or make sense of it.
  • 5 – the number 5 often refers to something pertaining to the body (5 fingers, 5 toes, 5 senses..)
  • 7 – the number 7 is a fascinating number in dreams.  7 is a “Spiritual” number, generally thought of as a number of completion. Dreaming of the number 7 could mean that you’re looking to complete something in particular. It could also have Spiritual interpretations – such as wanting to draw closer to God.
  • 8 – the number 8 often stands for uncertainty and mystery. It usually means the dreamer has unanswered questions and perhaps doubts.
  • 9 – the number 9 usually represents a cycle (pregnancy/childbirth). It can be symbolic of a pregnancy, babies, or simply of a particular cycle coming to a close.
  • 10 –  the number 10 represents perfection. Usually the dreamer is trying to perfect something in their life – or is searching for ways to improve things that he/she isn’t happy with.
  • 12 – usually refers to the year or a dozen. In a dream it usually means “a long time” or anxiety the dreamer has about something that will take a great deal of time.
  • 0 – zero means emptiness… a void. Dreaming of the number zero means that the dreamer feels that something is missing from his or her life.

Only the dreamer knows for sure what the numbers in his or her dream signify.  One thing’s for sure, unraveling the mystery is a lot of fun!