What Does it Mean to Dream About a Kidnapping?!

My Cousin Was Kidnapped and Was Missing for Three Days…

I recently heard from a dreamer who’d had an unsettling dream.  In his dream, his cousin was kidnapped and was missing for three days!

Although the information you see, above, is the only information I have about this dream – it’s actually enough.

Generally speaking, a dream about kidnapping means that the dreamer is afraid of losing something.  This “something” could be anything from hair to a relationship – and a billion things in between.  The kidnapping usually symbolizes the dreamer’s anxiety about what he or she is afraid of losing.

However, I feel that in this particular dream, there may be more to it.  While this dreamer may, indeed, be afraid of losing something, I believe that he currently feels that something is “missing” in his life.  The fact that the word “missing” appears in his brief description of the dream tells me that this is a vital part of the dream’s analysis and interpretation.  I actually think the “missing” part of the dream holds the strongest symbolism.

In fact, the part about the cousin “missing for three days” was the final thing the dreamer said.  When conveying a dream, very often the dreamer (without even realizing it) “ends” on what matters most.  They end on the thing they subconsciously know is the most important.

The good news for this dreamer is the fact that, in the dream, the cousin was recovered. Not only is this a happier ending for the dream (and cousin!), it’s also symbolic of something very important – the dreamer is optimistic about “finding” what’s “missing” in his life.  If he weren’t, I don’t believe the cousin would have been returned in the dream.

What could be “missing” in a dreamer’s life if they have a dream such as this?  Just about anything really…

  • A romantic relationship
  • A job they’re excited about
  • More money
  • Excitement
  • Relaxation
  • Time spent with family
  • Time spent with friends
  • Etc…

The dreamer could even feel like they missed an opportunity.

At least this particular dreamer is optimistic about finding what they’re missing.  My money’s on him!