What Does it Mean to Dream of an Injury?

The Dream Analysis Can Help Healing Begin

If you dream of being injured, or dream that you are in some type of pain from an injury or wound, the dream analysis (interpretation) could go one of several ways. As with all dreams, the dreamer is the only one who can say for certain which dream analysis is “on the money” for them, so read through each dream interpretation below and see which one seems to apply to you, personally.

An injury dream can be a dream in which the dreamer is injured or in pain or it can be a dream in which the dreamer sees or even inflicts pain in another person. The most important thing about the dream is the fact that an injury or wound has taken place.

The first (and most frequent) analysis for an injury dream has to do with injury or pain that has been done to the dreamer.  Because we think of pain in many types of context (physical, mental, emotional..), this injury, harm, or pain can be physical or emotional.  The dreamer could have been physically or emotionally  injured many years ago or as recent as the day of the dream.  The most important symbolism is the fact that the dreamer is attempting to heal, deep inside, from this injury.

If injury dreams that fall under this interpretation continue for any period of time, it’s probably best for the dreamer to find someone to talk to about, because recurring dreams of this nature indicate that, although healing is trying to take place, it isn’t entirely doing so.

This type of injury dream is our brain’s way of trying to figure out questions such as:

  • Why did that happen to me?
  • Why did this person do this to me?
  • How do I know this will never happen again?
  • Etc.

Sometimes an individual who has been physically or emotionally injured simply needs a sympathetic shoulder to lean on and an understanding person to confide in.

Another analysis for injury dreams is at the other end of the spectrum.  Sometimes people who have inflicted pain on others are haunted by guilt in their dreams.  Now, this doesn’t ALWAYS mean they deserve the guilt.  For example, if someone accidentally and unwittingly causes pain to another person (or even animal) – they may have injury dreams as a result of the guilt they feel.  Sometimes they’ll be the one who is injured in the dream, which is their brain’s way of saying, “I wish it had been me instead” or “I deserve to feel this pain.”

Needless to say, the best remedy for this dream interpretation is to simply apologize from the heart. Don’t make excuses and don’t put if off another minute. Say you’re sorry and even buy something for the individual, if you can. You’ll both feel better and your dreams will be sweeter.