How Well Do You Remember Your Dreams?

If you’re serious about dream prophesy, dream analysis, dream interpretation, and really getting to the heart of what your dreams mean, you’ll need your dream recall to be on the absolute TOP of its game!

  • How well do you remember your dreams?
  • Do you remember your emotions and feelings during your dreams?
  • Do you recognize most of the people in your dreams?
  • In the morning, can you recall at least one of your dreams?

  • Do you recall the various “symbols” in your dreams?

If you feel that your dream recall needs a little work, I have the perfect solution:  A Dream Journal.  While you don’t absolutely have to run out and buy a new notebook or journal to serve as your Dream Journal – it would be a cool idea.  You could use any notebook you have around the house, of course, but the more “special” you make the entire experience, the better.

Even if you simply go to one of those amazing stores where everything is $1 and buy a notebook in your favorite color – you’re making  a point of taking the entire enterprise seriously, and that’s what’s important.  My first Dream Journal was actually a wire notebook with colorful Lisa Frank dolphins on the front.  Seemed appropriate enough!

Here’s another idea that adds to the adventure.  Find a pocket folder (for mere pennies) to keep with your dream journal.  I’ll tell you what it’s for in just a minute!

Get Started With Your Dream Journal

Once you have your dream journal, go ahead and enter a recent dream.  Include the people who were in the dream, what you were doing in the dream (what you hoped to accomplish or were trying to avoid), the symbols (knives, snakes, balloons, candles, fire, clouds – anything that stands out) in the dream, and most importantly – HOW YOU FELT DURING THE DREAM.  Also, list any and all colors that you remember. List only the top 3 colors you remember – 4 at the most.  Oddly enough, this is very important!

A typical journal entry might look something like this:

I was driving  an old beaten up red pick up truck.  My beloved basset hound, Honey, was in the passenger’s seat.  We were in a huge hurry to get somewhere and Honey could talk.  In fact, she talked practially the whole time.  Her collar, instead of being her normal hot pink one was white.  I couldn’t make sense of that in my dream – though her talking didn’t shock me.  I was confused as to why the collar changed colors.

We were in a huge hurry and I was driving really fast.  We were on dirt roads and passed by a lot of farm houses and brown horses.  At some point, my cat Lanie joined us and could also talk.  He wasn’t in a hurry and wanted us to slow down and get something to eat.  Then I woke up. Hungry.

Main Colors:  Red, white, brown

Emotions:  Rushed, confused, anxious, hungry!

The above dream is actually one of the first ones I ever recorded in a dream journal.  This is actually the VERY dream that began my study of and fascination with dreams.  When I was thinking about this dream the next day at school (instead of listening to my Algebra teacher!), I realized that, underneath it all, I was feeling many of the same feelings in my real life as I did in my dream.  By the time the class was over, a lifelong fascination with dreams and heartfelt belief in the importance of their interpretations had taken hold.

Be sure that you enter your “feelings” as accurately as possible.  Here are a few suggestions:  joyful, sad, anxious, worried, depressed, helpless, surprised, ashamed, agitated, frustrated, curious, confused, powerful, unloved, ignored, furious, hopeful, optimistic, sexy, ugly, brave, etc.  Even if the emotions seem to have NOTHING to do with one another, write them down.

Remember the Folder?!

This exercise adds even more fun to your dream recall and analysis.  Cut out or draw/color pictures that symbolize your dream.  If you have room in your dream journal to tape (or draw) them onto the pages, do so.  If not, clip the images together with a paper clip, then add a little piece of paper with the date of the dream.

Having visuals of the colors and symbols can really help put you in touch with your inner feelings and emotions.

I have many more articles and exercises planned to add to the site that deal with Dream Journals and Dream Recall – with plenty more about images and, even, collages.  So, please grab an rss feed and/or sign up for e-mail updates, so you’ll know what’s been added as soon as it’s here for you.  I just wish I could open up my notebooks (and brain!) and pour everything out at once.  Kind of impossible, though, so I’ll just take it steady.

I’m actually working on a downloadable Dream Journal template for the site, color charts, and a visual guide to dream symbols.   So much to do!

Have a glorious weekend – if you need me, I’ll be right here, typing, thinking, and tweaking away with coffee and chocolate fueling me along.