Honey Dreams: The Dream Interpretation Depends…

What Does Honey Mean to You!?!

When I’m not given too many details – which is certainly the case here!! – it makes it a little tough to give a really accurate and thorough dream interpretation and analysis. However, I’m certainly going to try to do just that.

Honey, like countless other things in life, can actually be symbolic of more than one thing in dreams. A lot of the dream’s interpretation (meaning) has to do with what the dreamer is doing with the honey.  For example, if the dreamer is eating the honey and enjoying the sweet taste, the honey is symbolic of pleasure and happiness.  If the honey is “sticky” and the dreamer is trying to wash it off of their hands or something else, the honey is symbolic of a “sticky situation” the dreamer has recently experienced OR is symbolic of a situation the dreamer is afraid they’ll be “stuck” in.

Many times, if you see the word HONEY in a dream, it is symbolic of a sweetheart. More likely than not, he or she was on your mind before you went to sleep.

You can also get a pretty accurate dream analysis by asking yourself what honey represents to you. For me, personally, it’s a sweetener. Honey’s one of my favorite things in the world – in fact, I could eat it by the spoonful. To someone else, they may think of honey as something sticky.  Naturally, honey would symbolize different things in our dreams.