Dream Interpretation: What Does it Mean to Dream About a Hole in the Road?

The Dream Analysis May be Tough to Hear…

What does it mean to dream about a hole in the road?

When one dreams of a hole in the road, it is symbolic of something the dreamer feels they need to “watch out for.”  For example, a young lady once had a dream that she saw a hole in the road she was driving on. She was  overcome with fear of falling into the hole, even though her car in the dream could have safely driven over it.  It turned out that this young woman had recently reunited with an ex-boyfriend. Their first “time together,” as she worded it, had been a “nightmare.”  They fought constantly, never trusted one another, and actually ruined BOTH of their families holidays with their non-stop bickering.

They broke up and stayed apart for about 5 months before deciding to give the relationship another chance.  The “hole in the road dream” occurred after they’d been back together for about a week.

This dream was easy to interpret because the dream analysis was all but written on the wall.  The dreamer knew that there was a situation that presented potential trouble and harm. The hole in the road was symbolic of their relationship and her feeling of dread and fear of falling in the hole symbolized the anxiety she felt about the relationship.

She actually felt more apprehension than she realized, and her dream brought it all to the forefront.

When a dreamer sees a hole as a threat in his/her dream, it’s a good indication that there is something (or someone) in their life who they KNOW, deep down, can spell trouble for them. Their subconscious mind is completely in tune with this realization, even if their conscious mind keeps shoving it aside.

Holes in dreams usually represent a fear of a particular situation – or at least a feeling of anxiety about something.  But holes in dreams can (in the right context) be symbolic of hiding places and can, thereby, represent safeness. This safeness can mirror the safety and security the dreamer FEELS in life or the safety and security they DESIRE. When this is the case, the hole doesn’t pose a “threat” to the dreamer – it’s simply there.

However, more times than not, holes represent a perceived trap or danger the dreamer senses in life.

It all depends upon the other symbols in the dreams and, even more importantly, how the dreamer felt during the dream and immediately after awakening.