Explosions, Bandages, and Snakes: Oh My!

A dream submitted through the Dream Prophesy Comment’s Section:

I wanted to ask you about 2 dreams that 2 different friends had. (All 3 of us are teachers and are Christians)

Dream #1: My teacher friend dreamt that she was wrapped in bandages like a mummy, but she was walking and she felt like her spirit had to make peace before she left the earth. She finds me, 3 other close teacher friends, and her daughter in steady, flowing water. She speaks to her daughter (although we cannot see her) and asks, “What happened to me?” Her daughter tells her that was an explosion on a school bus and she died trying to save students. She touches each of our hands. When she touches my hand, I faint. She then finds herself walking down a school hall (different from the school in which we teach) with one of the teacher friends who was in the water with us. The teacher doesn’t know she’s there. They then appear in the friends’ office (who is not in some type of administrative position) and appears to be pregnant. She begins typing on the computer in big, bold letters: THIS IS SANDRA. DO NOT BE AFRAID. The teacher friend isn’t afraid. The dream ends.

Dream #2: Another teacher friend of mine dreamt that she and I were looking at another colleague who had a snake crawling all over her classroom walls. The teacher doesn’t seem to mind the snake being there. The snake then crawls on her back and all around her body. The snake crawls up near her neck and jumps out at my friend. The dream ends.

If you can tell me what either of these dreams may mean, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

DREAM #1 } Dreaming of bandages, no matter how they are being utilized is a symbol of something we want to “fix” or “mend” in our life.  Usually, this problem or situation is so large, and seems so hopeless, that we push it aside in our mind.  It’s easier to ignore it than to try to come up with ways to mend it.  Often times, the situation we want to fix is actually out of our hands and we realize it.

As a teacher (and certainly as Christians), I’m certain that you and your fellow teachers come up against a great, great number of situations that you’d love to “mend” or take care of…. to heal.  Who amongst us doesn’t want to solve all of the problems in the lives of children – especially those of us who are Christians?!   The symbolization seems to indicate that your friend wishes to “heal” something in the life of someone at school.  The fact that her fellow educators are in the flow of water indicates that she recognizes that you each share her concerns and hopes. The fact that she touched each one of you totally supports this.

When you fainted after the touch, I would say that it’s actually a sign of how passionately she feels about the situation.  Someone had to faint and it couldn’t be her, because she had to continue the dream!

The fact that her daughter was in the dream could indicate that she is, somehow tied into the situation.  However, that isn’t always the case.  Very often we simply insert someone from our life (even our past) into a particular dream solely because we were thinking about them before falling asleep.

I believe that the explosion (and her having died trying to save students) is simply another strong indicator of how strongly the teacher feels about the situation.  Her subconscious mind is simply getting in touch with the fact that she is giving her life to these children… each and every day – not just once in a grand, dramatic fashion… but daily in a grand, dramatic fashion – one which, unfortunately, often goes unnoticed and underappreciated.

DREAM #2 } The snake dream! This dream is a little complex and here’s why:  When it comes to analyzing and  interpreting a dream and finding out what it truly means, dream symbols are of the utmost importance.   Dream symbols are the things, colors, places, and even people in our dreams – we call them dream symbols because they symbolize something to us.  This symbolization is at the heart of the dream’s meaning.  Because no two people are exactly the same, no two dream symbols are exactly the same.  Take snakes for example, snakes can symbolize many things to many people.  For me, personally – they’re the height of fear and panic!  For many, a snake often symbolizes the devil.  For others, it could represent a challenge (something to be overcome), a pet (something to be protected and cared for), or a boy (snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails).

When analyzing dream symbols, a dreamologist doesn’t look just at the symbols.  We take many things into consideration:  The surroundings, the “theme” of the dream, and most importantly, the dreamer’s reactions and emotions.  If the teacher who dreampt this particular dream was afraid during the dream (or even upon wakening), it would indicate that she is afraid of something happening or not happening in her daily life.  Something is troubling her, even if it’s on a small level.

If her reaction was one of bewilderment (Why doesn’t this teacher mind this snake crawling all over her and her room?!?! ), she could be worried that someone she cares about is being taken for granted or doesn’t have their eyes completely open to things going on around them.

Finally, if the teacher didn’t really mind the snake coming at her and didn’t register fear, panic, or anxiety – I’d say that the snake indicates a young boy who has been on her mind lately.  Perhaps the symbolization is that she simply doesn’t know what he’ll do next!

You must wonder what sort of adventure one of your friends will take you on next!!!

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