Entrance Dream: I Kept Seeing Enter Signs!

This Dream’s Interpretation has to Do With an Exciting New Chapter in the Dreamer’s Life

A recently submitted dream for interpretation and analysis:

I recently had a really busy dream. I was going so many places and doing so many different things. You always say to remember the dream symbols in a dream and the emotions in the dream, so when I woke up I wrote down the things I remembered.  I saw about 9 or 10 ENTRANCE signs in the dream which was weird. There was a sign like that over every store or restaurant or car shop I went into.   As for my emotions in the dream, I was excited about each place I went to. When there I was happy and content.  I was real busy, but I was real happy. Happy and excited are the main emotions I remember. I even felt like that when I woke up. I was smiling all morning and couldn’t even tell anyone why I was so happy.  I wish I had more dreams like this one! – Kelly G.

Kelly, I’m with you – we could all use more dreams like this one.  As I’ve said before, when I’m reading a dream, one of the first “clues” I look for is how the dream makes ME feel – the emotions I pick up on.  While reading through the description of this particular dream, the main thing that stood out was the excitement and anticipation the dreamer has with each progression.

“Busy” dreams usually symbolize one of two things:

  • A feeling of being overwhelmed in the dreamer’s daily life.

  • A large, looming task that needs to be accomplished.
  • A new chapter in the dreamer’s life.

Given the emotions involved, I’d say this dream definitely fits the latter. Kelly’s dream indicates that the dreamer is currently going through a large change in their life (or will go through such a change soon). This sort of change could be an exciting new job, going to a new school, moving, buying a new home, or starting a new relationship.

The eagerness to approach each new entrance sign indicates that she’s more than a little excited about the new opportunities headed her way.