Dreams About Throwing Money Away: What They Really Mean

“I had a dream that has me pretty worried.  I dreamed a few nights ago that I had been given a $50,000 check from my boss.  I went immediately to some sort of store that I’ve never seen before and blew every last penny on stupid stuff, I mean really STUPID stuff.  Things I didn’t want and things I’d never buy in my real life.  At the end of the dream, I was very sad and frustrated because I blew all the money and didn’t have it any more.  I kept thinking, “I want it back. I wasted it all and I can’t get it back!’  What does this dream mean? I haven’t lost anything or anyone in my life recently. Does this mean I’m going to lose a lot of money or lose something or someone near to me? I’m a  real wreck with worry!!!” –  Rita

First of all, Rita, this dream isn’t an omen.  Dreams don’t tell the future – because no one can really, accurately do that.   This dream has a real, genuine meaning, but before we get to it – I think it’s a good idea to remind everyone that dreams aren’t, by nature prophetic.  HOWEVER, they can point out situations or needs to us that’ll allow us to avert potential problems sensed by our subconscious mind.

Here’s the thing, our subconscious mind is much more in touch with what’s going on in our mind and heart than our conscious mind is.  Our conscious mind has so many different things to process and take care of during the day. Too many things are vying for our attention!  However, when we yield ourselves to our subconscious mind (such as in sleep or deep mediation),  we give our subconscious mind a chance to speak up and have its say.

This is why dream analysis is so VERY important.  If we can grab and hang onto what our subconscious mind tells us in our sleep, we can learn extremely valuable things about ourselves and our lives – things that aren’t caught by the over-stimulated and over-worked conscious mind.

In this particular dream, the dreamer (Rita) is getting a very clear and distinct message.  This dream indicates that Rita is, deep down, afraid that she’s missing a great opportunity.  I believe that her subconscious mind recognizes that she’s letting something slip by that she’ll later regret.  This could be a job opportunity, a relationship, time spent with a loved one, a house, a car… basically anything.

Only the dreamer knows for certain what may be slipping away from her!

Rita, my suggestion would be to get alone someplace very quiet and private.  Go deep into your thoughts and find this opportunity that your subconscious mind is afraid of missing. The dream symbolism is that you are “blowing it.”  The fact that you felt so dejected and wanted so desperately to “get it back” indicates that we’re talking about time.  This sort of dream is very common amongst parents who feel they aren’t spending enough time with their children.   A lot of people have this sort of dream when they’re afraid they aren’t spending as much time visiting their parents or other family members enough.

The thing your subconscious mind is most afraid of losing seems to be TIME.  Money and Time are often interchangeable in dreams and money is a commons symbol for time (after all, they’re each things we SPEND and the subconscious mind would have a difficult time symbolizing time, itself).