Dreams About Loosing Teeth: What Do These Unsettling Dreams Mean?

It Usually Has to do with Loss – Either Real or Perceived

Okay, so I know this dream is a real freaky one but I had a dream about 6 nights ago that all of my teeth fell out of my head. No pain, no warning, they simply fell out. It’s nearly a week later and I am still really freaked out about this dream. What does this dream mean and should I be worried about an accident or illness? I can’t tell you how this dream is haunting me. The dream is freaking me the heck out and I don’t have any peace of mind at all. Please tell me what this dream means. Thank you.

It might surprise you, but dreams about loosing teeth are pretty common. I hear from a lot of people who have had a dream where they lose one, two, or even all of their teeth. I think one of the reasons people reach out to a dreamologist about this type of dream is because it’s such an unsettling dream.

Even though we rarely – if ever – think about our teeth on an average day, they are infinitely important to us. Vital, even. We are fully aware of the fact that our teeth are all ours and they’re unlike anyone else’s.  Our teeth are a lot like our thumbprints – they provide a great deal of our individuality.  You could say they separate us from everyone else.

When you stop long enough to think about just how important our teeth are, it makes you realize just how weighty a dream about losing our teeth is. However, don’t start freaking out again, this doesn’t mean that this is a prophetic dream that signals danger or illness ahead.  Below are some interesting things to realize about this type of dream.  At the end I’ll give you your own personal interpretation.

  1. Sometimes, in our sleep, we’ll experience discomfort in our jaw, mouth, or teeth. This pain or discomfort will sometimes work its way into our dream. If you dream about a tooth or teeth falling out and it’s accompanied by pain that “seems real,” more likely than not, you experienced some sort of pain in or around your teeth during the night.
  2. If you dream of losing your teeth and experience a mild amount of pain, bleeding, or discomfort, the dream eludes to physical or emotional pain you have recently experienced or physical or emotional pain that you FEAR experiencing.
  3. If your teeth fall out and you experience great embarrassment in your dream, the interpretation is that you’re anxious about something and fear that you’ll “make a fool” out of yourself or that others will laugh at you. Quite possibly, there is even one thing in particular that you’re self conscious about.

The thing that stands out to me the most about your dream is that it caught you off guard.  The fact that you mentioned, “no foreshadow…. no heads up… no warning” leads me to believe that THIS is actually the most vital part of the dream interpretation.  Usually, dreams about losing teeth have to do with loss – and this loss is usually a loss that has recently taken place in the dreamer’s life.

However, because of the “out of the blue” nature of your dream, I believe that the “loss” referred to in your dream has to do with a loss you FEAR or more to the point something you FEAR losing.  It’s probably not even a loss you’ve experienced or are likely even TO experience. Often we have dreams of this nature after hearing of another person’s personal loss. We tend to think, “Wow. What if that happened to me?!”  Other times, we cling to our possessions in the fear that they may somehow be taken from us.

I believe the loss symbolized in your dream is simply a loss that you fear may come unexpectedly or “out of the blue.”  As in a sudden loss with “no foreshadow…. no heads up… no warning.

As with all troubling dreams, the best way to get them out of your system is to get them out of your reach. Try not to thing too much about the dream and concentrate, instead, on happily positive and positively happy thoughts!