Dreams About Death: What Your Dreams Mean

A recent dream request:
I keep having dreams in where death itself is after me everywhere i turn its there. & this really scares me. can you please help me figure out what these dreams mean?

Dreams about death are always troubling – very much so! It’s important to remember, however, that these dreams aren’t actually about death as much as they’re about change or transition. Death in dreams is also often a dream symbol for loss.

Often, people will dream about death during the following changes in their lives:

  • change of schools (from grade school to middle school, from middle school to high school, from high school to college – or a change of schools as a result of moving)
  • change of job
  • a move
  • divorce
  • parents divorce
  • a friend moving away
  • change of teachers
  • change of boss and/or co-workers
  • loss of a pet
  • loss of a friendship
  • starting a new relationship
  • ending an old relationship

As you can see, any sort of change sort  of brings about a “loss” of sorts – a new job also means the loss of an old one.  A new relationship often means the “loss” of an old one, etc.  Death dreams generally just represent this change.

We often will dream about lost loved ones during times of change or transition as well.  Basically, anything that symbolizes change to us will symbolize change to us in our dreams.

Please don’t ever be afraid of death dreams – they aren’t negative dreams.  In fact, ancient dream guides often stated that to dream of death was a great sign that something wonderful was about to happen to you!  These dreamologists believed that to dream of death meant that the dreamer was moving on to a new, exciting experience in their lives.

Nothing scary about that!