Dream Interpretaion: Dreaming of a Holiday That Isn’t Even Remotely Close!

The Dream Analysis May Not Have Anything to Do with The Holiday

Have you ever had a dream about a holiday that was many months away? You know the dream can’t really have anything to do with the holiday, itself, because you haven’t seen decorations, cards, pictures, or anything to do with this particular holiday.

In fact, you haven’t even thought about the holiday for months!  So why are you dreaming about it?

The fact is, the dream interpretation (analysis) doesn’t have anything to do with the holiday – it’s more about how the holiday makes you FEEL…. the emotions you associate with the holiday.

For example, when trying to determine the analysis of a holiday dream, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the three strongest memories you have of the holiday? Think about these memories – do they “line up” with feelings you’re currently having or could they be feelings that you’re missing in your daily life?
  • Does this holiday cause an unusual amount of stress for you? For example, if a particular holiday causes stress because of family relations, money, or loneliness – these bad emotions could be something you’re dealing with in your life.
  • Who do you most associate with this holiday? Whether the individuals are alive or not, the dream analysis could simply be that any one of these people (or all of them!) have been on your mind lately.  Many times we associate family members we’ve lost with holidays because our most vivid memories of them involve Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.  For example, I will always associate Thanksgiving with my father because it was his favorite holiday. He counted the days to Thanksgiving like most people count the days to Christmas!  If I were to dream about Thanksgiving, I could pretty much bet that my dad had been on my mind recently.

  • Think about specific dream symbols that stand out in the dream. What things, objects, or even colors do you recall most vividly from your dream? If you dream of Christmas Cookies, for example, you are seeking “comfort,” after all, few things are as comforting or as enjoyable as Christmas cookies!  You may also strongly associate the person who does most of the baking at Christmas with a Christmas cookie dream.

Most holiday dreams are centered around loved ones, memories, and comfort which makes them some of the best dreams you can have!