Dreaming About Ex-Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Husbands, or Wives

A frequent dream analysis request on Dream Prophesy goes something like this:  “What does it mean to dream about an ex?  Does it mean I want them back?!”  Most people seem astonished to dream of their ex because, in their conscious state, the last thing they’d want is to have the ex back!

More times than not, when you dream about an ex (girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife), it isn’t really THEM that your dream represents.  Usually (though not always, of course) it’s the period of time that your mind is revisiting – your ex just happens to be there.  In the same way that our AWAKE mind revisits the past, through memories, sometimes our ASLEEP mind does the same.

If we’re going through a stressful time in our lives and seem to have more on our proverbial plate than we ever asked for – our mind will take us to a “simpler time” – if an ex happens to be there, it isn’t necessarily a compliment to them.  They just happened to be in the picture at the time.

However, if it becomes a recurring dream, the analysis may be a little different.  Here’s an example:

Trudie was married to a man named Carl, a wonderful man who she was crazy about.  His only vice, her e-mail said, was that he was a workahaulic.  He worked 12 hours a day and, when he came home, all he wanted to talk or think about was work.  Other than that, they were happily married and had a comfortable life.

However, she began to dream about her ex-husband regularly.  In her dreams, they were always having fun – doing things they used to do together (fishing, hiking, going to movies…).  She was beginning to think that her subconcious mind wanted Mr. Wrong back instead of Mr. Right!

She was reliveved to find out that her subconcious mind was simply giving her a message – she missed doing the things she once did and a part of her wished that her second husband had as much fun with life as her first one did.  After all, she said, it was the only thing he ever got right!

Without mentioning the dreams or husband #1’s name (of course), Trudie told Carl that he needed to lighten up and enjoy life more.  The whole business of work-related subjects being the only words out of his mouth had gotten very old, very fast.  She made arrangements for them to go fishing one weekend and Carl fell in love with it so much, she now kind of wishes he’d give her a Saturday OFF the lake!

Examine your dreams and see if there’s a hidden message, such as the one above.  9 times out of 10 there isn’t a specific message – your subconscious simply wanted to take a stroll down memory’s lane… and you-know-who just happened to be there!