A Dream About Magic Glasses: What Does this Mean?!

Dream Meaning

A recently submitted dream:

Hi, I’m hoping you can settle a bet. My sister had a dream about going to an optometrist and getting new glasses. When she wore the glasses, she had the best luck ever. People saw her as beautiful, her boss gave her a new office, and her husband bought her a new car! When she took the glasses off, though, the dream turned dark and there were scary sounds. So she put the glasses back on really fast and things were light and sunny again.

I told her that the dream probably means she needs a change or something but my sister says she doesn’t think it means anything at all. Who is right? We have a lunch riding on it!  – a big sister in Detroit

Well, big sister, I hope it helps you get a free lunch, I can tell you that you are more right than your sister. The meaning of the dream actually goes a little deeper than her needing a change, though.

When we dream of glasses, optometrists, eye exams, contact lenses, and just about anything else related to the eyes, our subconscious mind is letting us know that we need to “open our eyes” and “see” something that we’re missing.  This thing, which is partially hidden to us is something we’re aware of but are trying to sort of sweep under the rug.

An example:  A mother of a 4 year old knows that she has to make him stop sucking his thumb.  She knows that kindergarten is around the corner and that the other kids could potentially make fun of him.  However…. he’s her baby!  So she tries not to think about the glaring truth.  In her sleep, her subconscious mind can finally get through to her without any protests – it has her where it wants her, quiet and unable to move away!  When she dreams of buying a new pair of glasses, the glasses are a dream symbol – symbolic of her SEEING what’s right in front of her.

I believe this dream scenario is the same with your sister’s dream.  The fact that everything is so fantastic in her dream when she has the glasses on would indicate that what she’s failing to “see” is extremely important – especially when you contrast the great feelings with the gloom and doom when she takes the glasses off!  In all  honesty, I believe that what she’s trying not to see may be of vital importance and should be dealt with as soon as possible.

It sounds like the issue is huge and her subconscious mind is well aware of the fact.

When your little sister is treating you to lunch (after all, you were on the right track!), you should absolutely, positively try to help her realize what she isn’t facing.  It could be as simple anything along these lines:

  • Knowing that she needs to take better care of her health.
  • Knowing that she needs to switch jobs.
  • Knowing that she needs to give up smoking.
  • Knowing that a friend isn’t good for her.
  • Knowing that she isn’t pursuing a personal dream.
  • … or just about anything!

Thanks for submitting your sister’s dream for analysis and best of luck to both of you.