Dream Interpretation: Why It’s So Important and How to Approach Dream Interpretation

Our dreams can have a great impact on our lives and offer us wonderful insights into our minds. All we have to do is analyze them and find out exactly what it is they’re trying to tell us. Dreams can hold valuable secrets to our lives and the dream symbols can help sort through many problems and dilemmas in a way no self help book in the world could hope to.

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Below are a few guidelines for interpreting and analyzing your dreams:

  • Make the meanings of the dream symbols in your dream line up with your real life.  If you are terrified of snakes, a snake dream will have a different meaning for you than it would someone who keeps snakes as pets and loves them the way the rest of us love our cats and dogs.
  • Submit your dream to Dream Prophesy.com for your own personalized dream interpretation and dream analysis. Our contact form is on the site.  Unless you mark your dream as private, we do share the dream with our readers.  This way, many people are helped by your dream interpretation.
  • Write down your dreams, as soon as you wake up. It doesn’t matter if it’s a regular dream or a nightmare.  Even the most, seemingly, insignificant dream can hold a wealth of information and insight.   Don’t worry about trying to analyze it at that exact moment – simply write down what you remember.
  • Even more importantly, write down how you feel when you first wake up.  The emotions you have at that moment are the emotions you were experiencing in the dream and are absolutely vital to the dream interpretation.

  • Make sure you write down all of the symbols in your dream.  These are things such as knives, brooms, cats, birds, snakes, planes, and even people you recall.  Basically, anything or anyone you remember is a dream symbol.

At the end of a week, go back and examine your dream journal.  If you see a series of troubling and upsetting dreams, you can rest assured that your mind is troubled about something.   Your mind is begging for you to find a solution to the drama and the trauma so that it can find peace again.

If your dreams seem to be a series of fear and panic, you are experiencing a great deal of worry and concern in your life.  There is at least one thing you are afraid of happening (or not happening).  When the worry is resolved, your dream self will be less anxious!

Again, please use Dream Prophesy.com as a guide and resource as you begin to study and make sense of your dreams.  If you have a particular dream or dream symbol that you want interpreted, use our search box to find articles and posts related to this subject.  If you still have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me or use the contact form.