Dream Interpretation: Why Garden Dreams are Particularly Fascinating!

Dreams about vegetable, flower, or herb gardens are absolutely fascinating for dreamers and dream analysts. What’s more, the dream interpretation can give the dreamer a lot of insight into their lives… and minds.

If you’ve had one of these dreams, the most important thing to do is to determine the condition of the garden, itself.

Here’s why: The garden is a symbol of our life, or more importantly, how we view our life.

If the garden in your dream is lush, beautiful, and causes you to feel at peace, content, and happy – it’s a sign that you are at peace with your life right now. The way the garden makes you feel in your dream mirrors your attitude toward your current life as well as the person you perceive yourself to be.

If, on the other hand, the garden in your dream “needs work” or “requires attention,” your subconscious mind could be trying to make a point – in a decidedly colorful way.

If the garden is in ruins, with dead/dried vegetation, weeds, and overgrown plants and leaves you feeling discouraged, angry, or even sad – your dream interpretation would be that there’s regret or disappointment somewhere in your life.  Generally speaking, whatever emotion you feel in the dream is the emotion you feel about this REAL life situation.  If you feel remorse or regret, you possibly have undealt with guilt in your life.  If the situation causes you to feel angry, you obviously have an underlying anger that you haven’t fully dealt with.

If, in your dream, you feel angry at someone else for the state of the garden, as opposed to yourself, you are possibly harboring resentment and finding it difficult to forgive someone for something they’ve done or said (or failed to do or say, for that matter).

If the garden’s required work seems too much for you, it reflects a feeling of being overwhelmed in your life.

In the dream, if you find yourself simply observing everything that needs to be done… and then rolling up your sleeves to do the work, it’s a sign that you know there are things that you need to do in your daily life. If, in the dream, you don’t possess any negative feelings or emotions, it’s a sign that (deep down), you’re anxious to get started on the work you know needs to be done.

In fact, you may even be excited about the challenge!