Dream Analysis: What Does it Mean to Dream Of Packing a Suitcase?!

Suitcase dreams, or dreaming about packing, have more than one dream interpretation or meaning.  Remember, when a dream symbol or dream topic has different meanings, you have to look at all of the circumstances in the dream, including your emotions during the dream and immediately after waking.  Also, examine what’s going on in your real life. It’s sort of like unraveling a mystery, which is always fun!

Also remember that packing anything (trunk, suitcase, bag..) carries the same interpretations.

Possible Dream Interpretation #1

Packing a suitcase in a dream, or even just dreaming about a suitcase or carrying bag can imply an intense need to get away. There is a situation or even a person that you want to pack up your life and run away from. If this is the dream analysis for you, your emotions in the dream will probably be anxious. You may be excited and happy (at the though of escaping something undesirable).

Possible Dream Interpretation #2

You may be looking forward to (or even a little intimidated by) beginning a new chapter in your life. Many times when we are starting school, moving into a new house, or starting a new job, our emotions carry over into our dreams. Suitcase and packing dreams are common while we are going through changes in our life.  The dream symbolism is that you’re moving into a new part of your life.

If, during the dream, you encounter problems (such as the suitcase won’t close, you are having to pack in a hurry, you can’t find something, etc), it’s a sign that you are apprehensive and maybe even a little insecure about these changes.

Possible Dream Interpretation #3

You may need a vacation!  You have probably said, or at least thought, (in the past few weeks) that you need a vacation.  Suitcase/packing dreams are your brains way of saying, “Yes, you really do!

Only the dreamer knows for certain which dream analysis is his or hers. Remember to closely examine your emotions during the dream, when you wake up, and even now – as you remember the dream.  These emotions tie into the dream analysis in a MAJOR way.