Dream Interpretation: Hole in the Road Nightmare

Hole in the Road Dreams: What they mean and why it matters!

A recent dreamer submitted a frustrating dream they were having for analysis. This dream involved a hole in the road that they knew they had to avoid.  In fact, in the dream, they were aware of the fact that falling in the hole meant certain death.

The funny thing was, they could see into the hole and it was only about a foot deep and beautiful yellow flowers were on the bottom!  The dreamer wondered why such a shallow, innocent looking hole would elicit such fear in the dream.  As he/she pointed out, “… the thing that had me so frightened during the dream, and even after I first woke up, seems silly now. It looked like a flower bed that had sunk about a foot!”  However, the dreamer also mentioned that this was actually one of the worst nightmares they’d had in a long time and that they woke up “frightened” and “breathing heavily.”

While it may seem that avoiding the hole would have been easy, the hole in the dream was on a very narrow road that the dreamer HAD to travel on.  They simply HAD to get past the hole without falling in.  Dreams are amazing like that, we just KNOW something but most dreamers have no idea where the knowledge stems from.  What makes these dreams even more fascinating is the fact that the knowledge does stem from someplace… the dreamer’s subconsciousness.  Which is, of course, why dream interpretation is so important and fascinating – our dreams truly do let us know what’s going on deep in our minds and hearts.

In the dream of the hole in the road, the dreamer KNEW that the innocent-looking hole was deadly.  While this may be a bit extreme for what lies in their day to day world, make no mistake about it:  There is something in their life that spells trouble.  Whether it’s a relationship, hobbies, a goal, plans, job, etc…  There is something that, while on the surface seems innocent (as lovely perhaps as a flower bed), could spell disaster.  Deep in the dreamer’s subconsciousness, they know it.

The thing about this dream that worries me most is how the dreamer felt during the dream and upon waking.  So much about a dream’s interpretation lies in how the dreamer felt (or feels).  The intensity of the feelings indicates that the potential danger that lies within the dreamer’s real life isn’t something they should play around with.  When our dreams are this intense and bring about such strong emotions and feelings, make no mistake about it, our subconscious mind REALLY wants us to listen!

Of course, changes in our lives shouldn’t be made on the grounds of a dream alone.  The dream should serve as a reason to look more closely at what’s going on in our lives.

If you’ve ever had a dream about a hole in the road (or along your path) that you were afraid of falling in, realize that it’s symbolic of something in your life – something that you’re afraid of “falling into” or “falling prey to.”

Some people, who have recently quit smoking, will have hole dreams.  The dream symbolism is that they’re afraid of falling back into a harmful habit.  Many times, realizing that their subconscious mind fears for their well-being is JUST the extra incentive they need to avoid the pitfalls while awake as surely as they do in their dream.

Have you ever personally had hole dreams.  Do you realize what the hole in the dream symbolized?  Share your dream and experiences in the comments!