Dream Analysis: Dreams About Losing Things

I’ve been having dreams lately about losing things.  In my dreams, I lose my keys, my truck, my belt.  In one dream, I lost my German Shepherd.  I don’t really have a problem with losing things in my real life.  Certainly not my dog and truck.  What do these dreams mean?  There have been about 8 of them and I always wake up feeling frustrated and annoyed.

Dreaming of losing things is often a signal that there are just too many things going on in your life.  When you’re being pulled in a great number of directions and/or you have a number of people counting on you, sometimes you feel like you’re losing control.

For example, I once heard from a man who had similar dreams.  Turns out he was working a full time job and raising two sons by himself.  Teenagers, at that.  He said that he’d recently been given more responsibilities at work as well.  When his dreams caused him to step back and realize that he was losing touch with what mattered most, he cut back on the overtime he was getting and boldly went to his boss to explain the situation.  When he pointed out that he felt his sons needed him more at home, he says his boss was actually very impressed and helped him out a great deal.

Without taking away his recent pay raise!  Cool bosses are so rare.

Take a good look at the way you described the feeling you got from the dreams:  Frustrated and annoyed. We can learn so much about our lives and mindsets from simply looking at the feelings our dreams give us.  You have undealt with frustrations in your life and I’d almost be willing to bet they stem from not having enough time to do everything you want to do.

Take steps to slow your life down and I promise you the dreams will leave as quickly as they came.

Good luck!