Dream Analysis – A Dream Interpretation

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Here’s the first submitted dream we’ve received since the relaunch of Dream Prophesy:

“I have a recurring dream that I desperately need help understanding.  Each dream has knives in it.  In the first one, my son wanted to play his guitar but couldn’t find it.  He opened the closet and a huge knife fell on him.  Blood was everywhere and we were screaming.  Then I woke up.

In the second dream, I was cooking supper and cut my hand off with a butter knife!  The third dream was just about the same, except it was a steak knife and it cut off part of my plate.

These dreams are getting to me, especially the one about my son. I’m scared of what the next dream will be about and who will get hurt in it.  Please help and thank you.”

I can see how these dreams would trouble you. The first thing you need to do is to remind yourself that these dreams aren’t prophetic. They aren’t signaling an accident or anything bad ahead. Dreams deal with what HAS happened, what IS happening, and your emotions and feelings. Some of these emotions and feelings the dreamer is fully aware of. Others, the dreamer doesn’t seem to be aware of whatsoever.

When I hear about people dreaming of knives, my first reaction is this: There’s something in their life that they want to remove, or “cut out.” These could include:

  • A bad habit.  Smokers who want to quit smoking often dream of knives.  Their desire to “cut out” this habit weighs on their mind and presents itself in their dream world.
  • Wanting to lose weight.  Wanting to lose extra weight will also lead to knife dreams.

  • Dislike of an annoying co-worker, fellow student, neighbor, or even family member.  The dreamer doesn’t (of course!) want to harm this annoying person – but they wouldn’t mind AT ALL if fate cut them out of their life and put them in someone else’s!
  • A desire to leave your job, school, home, community, etc.  Wanting to separate yourself from a current situation or place can lead to knife dreams.
  • A thought or feeling.  Sometimes we feel things we wish we didn’t feel or keep having thoughts we wish would go away.  We think, “Why don’t I just cut it out?! ” – But we seem unable to.

All of the above are instances that can lead to these types of dreams.  When it comes to recurring dreams, more times than not, fully realizing WHY you’re having the dreams is enough to send them packing.  Even if you haven’t arrived at the solution yet,  your subconscious mind seems perfectly content with you just knowing the situation exists.

I truly hope this helps!

Thanks so much for submitting your dream.  I’ve learned from experience (from the last time the site was up  BEFORE disaster struck!) that people are greatly helped when they read other people’s dreams.  So, know that you’ve helped others simply by sharing your dream.

“Dreams are road signs along the nighttime highway of sleep.” – Astrid Alauda