When Dreams Seem to Come True

“Each Time I Dream About Someone, I See Them Soon Thereafter…”

Recently a Dreamer Wrote:

I’m a rational adult and I know – without a shadow of doubt – that dreams don’t tell the future. I’ve read on this website about how that some people are more intuitive than others and how this makes them have dreams that often seem to tell the future. It makes complete sense to me and I totally agree with it. I just wanted to run something by you because it is so uncanny. Each time I dream about someone, I see them soon thereafter. I’ve noticed it for about 3 years now. When I dream about a person or several people, I always end up seeing them either the next day or one of the following 3 days. Always! I was just wondering what your thoughts were about this. Thanks a lot! – CB

CB, Ironically my oldest daughter and I have noticed something kind of similar. It seems that whenever we think about someone we hadn’t seen (or even thought of in a while), we end up seeing them – either that day or the next.  In a lot of ways, dreams are our subconscious mind’s thoughts, so I think the situations kind of go hand in hand.

Personally I think a lot of it has to do with a good old fashioned “sense of timing” that we’re all born with.

For example, have you often felt like “it’s time for a storm” – even without seeing the weather?  Or maybe you’ve kind of gotten a sense that “it’s time for something bad to happen.”  Life is a series of cycles, strewn together and sometimes I believe we simply “sense” when it’s time for something – yes, even time that a certain familiar face show up!

Our subconscious mind is aware of A LOT more than we ever give it credit for. Fact is, if we could somehow sit down and have a conversation with our subconscious mind, we’d be blown away by its insights. We’d also come away with a lot of answers and solutions to problems that have been hounding us.

Which is the main reason behind delving into dreams for dream analyses and interpretations!

Sometimes our subconscious mind simply knows when it’s “about time” to see someone. In turn, it’ll present the person in a dream or thought during the day.

Other times? Chalk it up to good old coincidence!