What Does This Weird Dream Mean?!

Dreamer Has a Rare Dream About Daydreaming

Okay,  here’s a weird dream I hope you can interpret for me. I just know there is some important meaning behind it but I can’t figure it out. I dreamed that I was with my mom (who died suddenly 3 years ago). I miss her very much and dream about her a lot. In the dream we were in a plane. I am scared of planes and heights more than anything, so being in the plane made me very uneasy.  As the plane began to start going down – crashing – my dream suddenly switched to me on the ground – daydreaming about the whole plane situation.  I’ve never done that in my dreams before – “daydreaming” or imagining something. That would seem almost impossible, but it’s exactly what happened.  Then, in the dream, I began “playing out” scenarios – like wondering what different people would say if they found out our plane had crashed, who would cry, who would miss me, etc.  I even imagined that all my family would find it very ironic that I died doing something I feared so much.  What does this weird dream mean? It has shaken me and unsettled me a great deal.  Thank you. – T.B.

This type of dream is – in my experience – VERY rare, indeed. I’ve personally had kind of similar dreams a few times in my life and each time – like you – I wondered, “How is that even possible?!”

The mind is so incredibly complex that almost anything IS possible. The subconscious mind doesn’t have any “rules” it has to live by, so pretty much anything goes.

When reading over this particular dream, one thing stood out – this is what I call a  “troubled” dream.  The dream, itself, isn’t troubled (of course), but the dreamer is… or at least has been very recently.

The fact that your mother – who you lost a few years ago – was with you in the dream coupled with the fact that one of your greatest fears – flying – was taking place points to a fear surrounding illness, injury, or even death.  You could have been EXTRA worried about a loved one recently or even fearful of your own well-being or health.

I believe this dream indicates that your fears are “in your mind” and that, deep down, you realize this.

This sort of insight can sometimes create complex dreams as your mind tries to sort everything out.

  1. You’re fearful for someone (or for yourself)
  2. You realize the fear is in your mind

Is it any wonder the subconscious mind has trouble making sense of it?!

We’ve all been there, though. We worry ourselves sick about something – the whole time knowing that we’re creating the drama.

Just more examples of just how COMPLEX the mind is.

I hope you’ll use your dream to help you let go of excessive worrying and release fear that you create in your own mind.  Thanks for sharing your dream with us – what you think of as “weird,” the rest of us think of as “fascinating!”