Analysis of Bird Dreams: What Does it Mean to Dream About Birds?

It All Depends on What the Birds are DOING!

Most dream symbols can have more than one meaning. In fact, sometimes one THING (or person, place…) can actually have many different possible meanings.  The mystery lies in what this thing is doing in your dream and/or how it makes you feel.

If you think about it, it all makes sense. After all, even in our REAL world, a single object means different things at different times.  If we use a knife to spread butter on a fresh biscuit, the knife is kind of a ticket to deliciousness.  However, if we cut ourselves with a knife, then it’s anything but delicious. It suddenly becomes a cruel weapon!

When I think of symbols that can mean many different things in dreams (based upon what they’re doing, how they’re behaving, how they look, etc) – birds come to mind.  There are almost as many different dream interpretations for bird dreams as there are birds.

Below are some of the most common.  Remember, when interpreting or analyzing your dream, always try to pinpoint what you feel is the most important aspect of each dream component.  This is usually the thing that “stands out” the most.

  • If you dream of birds and the thing that “stands out” in your mind the most is the sheer number of birds, this is a dream about being overwhelmed in life… of feeling that your problems, anxieties, or worries outnumber you.
  • If the thing that you feel is most important about your bird dream is the bird’s nest, the analysis will have everything to do with your home.  How did the birds react or respond to the nest? Was it a place of refuge? Was it too small? Was it empty?  The dream analysis will lie in the details.

  • If the birds in your dream are “watching” over something or someone, the dream analysis is one of observation.  You (in your day to day life) have begun to observe or “watch for” something – OR, deep in your subconscious, you know you SHOULD begin observing something or someone more closely.  There are, like, a billion and one possible explanations for this one!
  • If the most important thing about the bird or birds seems to be their flight, this dream represents freedom.  Most of the time, this is freedom from something unpleasant (bills, stress, pain, anxiety, family discord, a bad habit…) but it can also represent freedom from someone or someplace.
  • If the COLOR of the bird(s) seems to be the central theme of your dream, you have to look at what the color symbolizes:  Blue (usually means peace and contentment – but it can also represent sadness, as in “the blues”) – Red (usually represents strong emotions, power, strength, and drive) – Purple or hues of purple (royalty, healing, Spirituality) – Yellow (health, well-being, happiness, joy, laughter) – Orange (friendships, happiness, fun) – Black (often stands for something elusive or mysterious) – Green (can mean money, innocence, purity, hope, and healing… it can also represent a “green light” for something you’ve been contemplating).
  • If birds are fighting, it’s a sign of discord in your life – either within your relationships or discord you’re having with yourself.