Dream Interpretation: Dreaming About Autumn Trees!

Usually This Dream Symbolizes Change of Some Sort

What does it mean to dream about Fall? My dream last night really doesn’t hold any interesting actions or occurrences. Nothing strange happened and no one unusual was in the dream. I was wondering what the dream meaning would be if the only thing that really stands out about the dream is autumn trees and colors?  Thank you!

Autumn (or Fall) dreams generally are interpreted to dealing with “change” or “changes.”  The dreamer could be excited about potential or actual changes or they could be apprehensive about them.  The main thing is that a “change” of some sort is on their mind.  Only the dreamer can say for certain if it’s a positive or negative dream.

Dreaming about Autumn can also have another meaning – IF the dreamer feels strongly about the season, one way or the other.  For example, I love Autumn so much that a dream about Autumn, for me, can simply be interpreted to mean “great happiness” or “joy.”

On the other hand, some people cling so tightly to Summer and warm weather, that dreaming about Autumn, for them, actually indicates that they’re troubled or unhappy about something in particular.

Unless you feel especially strong about the season, your analysis is centered entirely around change – either…

  • change you are going through
  • change that is ahead of you
  • change that you fear
  • change that you know needs to take place

Only you can say for certain. I  hope this helps!