What Does it Mean to Dream of Having Angry Outbursts?

I’ve had a few people recently ask me what it means to dream of being angry.  One college freshman worded it this way, “I had a disturbing dream last night that I was a ticking time bomb. Not literally, but figuratively.  Everything that happened in the dream made me mad and I exploded at just about everyone who spoke to me!  That’s not like me in real life and I was just wondering what this dream means?”

A mother of two in Miami had a similar dream: “I had a dream about a week ago that I can’t forget. I yelled so much during the dream It’s a wonder my throat wasn’t sore after I woke up.”

Finally, someone who referred to themselves as “Dreamer in Alaska,” described their dreams like this:  “I have had three dreams lately. Each time I am SO angry and SO mad at everyone. I don’t understand why. I cussed and even threw things in two of the dreams. I don’t cuss, so I thought that was odd. I also don’t throw things, so that was odd too.  What do these dreams symbolize? I’m really curious and hope my angry dreams stop. They make me worry that I’m angry inside or something.”

Anger dreams are, pure and simple: They are a way of releasing anxiety, anger, disappointment… or, basically any negative emotions or feelings that the dreamer experiences in their day to day life.  If these feelings are “repressed,” or not dealt with, the emotions sort of store up inside the individual.

Anger dreams are a way the subconscious mind tries to let the negativity out!

These dreams do not indicate that you are an angry person, at all, so don’t worry about that. They simply mean that you’ve encountered something negative, somewhere, and your mind continues to process your feelings while you sleep.

You could have contacted this negativity in a relationship, at school, at work, or even through a television show.  Rest assured that these dreams will go away quickly – they seldom last beyond two dreams, three at the most.