Why You Shouldn’t Trust Ancient Dream Guides

Allow me to admit, right off the bat, that ancient dream guides DO serve a few purposes. I have several in my own private library that I often refer to. They can offer a dreamer some valuable insight into their dreams and maybe even unravel a few mysteries.  Most of all, however, they’re simply entertaining to a certain degree.

However, they simply cannot stand alone if it’s an accurate dream interpretation that you’re looking for.

The Reasons Ancient Dream Guides Aren’t Reliable?

1. The “symbols” are far too outdated. In Dream Interpretation, the main “clues” to unraveling the dream’s meaning lie in the dream symbols. The dream symbols are the objects (and even colors)the dreamer remembers most vividly from the dream. The analysis lies primarily in what the object represents or means to the dreamer. For example, a television in a dream refers to how you perceive the world around you. If the television is on, you are receptive to (and seeking out) new information or experiences. If it is off, you are recently closing your mind to change of any kind.

If your dream guide is old, the interpretation at that time probably dealt with social status – due to the fact that at one time only the well-to-do had them. If your dream guide was REALLY old, televisions didn’t even exist!

Society changes every year and a symbolism will often change right along with it.

2. Dream Guides written before 1970 did not (AT ALL) represent people as we know them today. In the “ancient” guides that I’ve seen, women are viewed as having two goals in life: Finding a man was the first goal, and keeping the man was the second. Most definitely those are two of our top goals, but there ARE others!

In ancient dream guides, males didn’t fare much better than the females. Their goal in life was to work. That seems to have been about it! Make the money, save the money, keep the wife from spending the money… then go make some more money!

3. Quite frankly, due to the time they were written, they are racially insensitive and ignorantly biased.

Women weren’t the only ones treated poorly in a lot of ancient dream guides (or any really old book for that matter). Anyone from a race other than white was heinously disrespected. That’s not the world we live in today (thank God!) and I simply don’t want anything to do with that type of verbal abuse.

When I became interested in Dreams and Dreamology (the study of dreams), I created Dream Prophesy for the purpose of selling one of these Ancient Dream Guides (before I actually read through one). Then, after a year of research, I began editing the Ancient dream guide that I was selling. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was having to change EVERYTHING.

I ditched the old guide.

Along the way, I fell so completely in love with dreams and dreamology that I began to interpret and analyze dreams, myself. Instead of selling an ancient dream guide (outdated at best, insulting at worst), I decided it’d be MUCH wiser to have a dream website and online dream dictionary that I could frequently update.

This way, the dream interpretations stay current and relevant and no one’s toes get stepped on!