What Your Dreams Mean An Ancient Dream Guide {B}

What Your Dreams Mean is a cherished, long trusted dream guide. It was first published in the 1940’s – which means it’s interpretations aren’t as relevant as the updated ones you’ll find in our Dream Dictionary. However, this ancient dream guide is so much fun to read we’re including it as part of Dream Prophesy.

Please, please, please bear in mind, however, that we do control our own destiny and we most certainly make our own magic.

Just because an entry forecasts a bad omen, don’t think it’s an automatic sentence to a bad experience. It very well could have been a bad dream signaled by a bad moment, spicy food, or… as far as that goes.. a foul mood.

Having said all of that, let’s get to the What Your Dreams Mean Guide.

Please be patient while this guide is being typed in and published on the site.

For the best “reading,” find as many relevant words that apply to your dream as possible. Also, bear in mind that this book was written in the 1940’s, so find the term that was most relevant then. For example, if you dream about gymnasts, you might want to look for the word ACROBAT.  I’m typing the book in exactly as it was published LONG ago, so the terminology will be somewhat different.

[ B ]

BABY. To dream of a new-born baby is a sign that you will engage in a profitable business activity having no relation to your past or present work; a baby at play is a sign that you will bear good news from one you thought unfriendly to you; a sleeping baby means success in love or good returns on an investment; a nursing baby denotes a great improvement in your way of living; sick or crying babies mean discord at home, disappointment in your work, and general misfortune; hurting a baby intentionally foretells failure in anything you attempt.

BACHELOR. To dream of a bachelor is the sign of a wedding in the offing.

BACON. Seeing or eating bacon in a dream is a sign of freedom from financial worry; seeing someone else eat it means success in some test or examination ahead of you.

BADGE. To dream that a badge or medal or ribbon is being pinned on you means that you will be honored by your friends and neighbors and that you will be advanced by your business associates; pinning a badge on someone else means that you will hear good news through the mail.

BAG. To dream of a cloth bag is a sign of your success in business; a leather bag means travel for recreation and business; a paper bag means travel for recreation and business; a paper bag means that you will meet difficult problems in your home life, but that you will solve them satisfactorily; a linen bag means that you will save many people from making serious mistakes; a torn bag means a foolish investment.

BAGGAGE. If you dream that you have to look after a lot of personal baggage, it is a sign of coming annoyances and troubles of a financial nature.

BAGPIPES. If you dream either of seeing or hearing bagpipes, it means that your marriage will be long delayed.

BAKERY. Dreaming that you are in a bakery is a sign that you will have a large family; if you are baking bread or cake, your salary will rise as bread rises; if you are watching someone baking, good news will come to you from far away.

BALCONY. Sitting in the balcony of a theater is a forerunner of a trivial quarrel with a friend, a sweetheart, or a member of your family; being unable to see or hear from your seat is a sign that enemies will take advantage of your absence to work against you; speaking from a balcony to a large crowd signifies that you will be successful in politics, on stage or platform, or in positions of executive responsibility; unhappiness in love and general misfortune are predicted for men or women who dream of making love and saying farewell on a balcony; falling from a balcony is a warning for you to think twice – and then again – before you leave one position for another.

BALD. If you dream you are bald, it means you will receive disappointing news.

BALL. To dream that you are attending a ball or dance is a sign of success in love and of your being singled out of promotion in your work; arriving late at a ball is a warning for you not to allow your weaknesses to turn success into failure; being the last to leave a ball is a sign that you will see the point in a difficult problem and solve it where others have failed. Dreaming of balls used in games, as baseball or football, is a sign of a disposition that will help you to get the most and the best out of life.

BALLOON. To dream of a balloon is a sign that hopes which you are now entertaining will not come off satisfactorily.

BANANA. To dream of seeing ripe bananas growing means good health and good luck; if they are overripe, a business project will not turn out successfully and you should withdraw from it if possible; green bananas indicate disappointment in love and failure in some test or examination; buying bananas means a speedy promotion in your firm; eating bananas is a warning for you to be on your guard against loss of health, income, and friends.

BANISHMENT. To dream of being banished from one’s country or home is a dream that indicates the opposite, as it means that one will be called to (not sent from) a position of honor and responsibility, but not necessarily involving financial reward.

BANK. To dream that you are in a bank is a warning of difficult times ahead.

BANQUET. TO dream that you are dining with friends at a lavishly set table is an omen of good things to come.

BAREFOOT. To dream that you are barefoot is a sign that you should seek a change in the company you are keeping.

BARN. A well-stocked barn indicates continuing financial security; if filled with cows, horses, chickens, many people will rely on your advice to settle a difficult problem; if the barn is empty, you are wasting your time on a plan that will bring you neither gain nor pleasure; a city person who dreams of a barn has reached his limit in his present occupation and should take steps to make a change; a burning barn means that you will hear sad news.

BASKET. A packed basket means that several choices or opportunities – all favorable – will be offered to the dreamer; an empty basket means that the dreamer is wasting his time on a thankless project; dropping a basket means that the dreamer has made or is about to make a serious mistake and that he should seek the expert advice of a reliable person of wide business experience; forgetting where you have placed the basket means that your approach to the problem you are working on is wrong and that it should be discarded for a new one.

BAT. To see this nocturnal flying animal is usually interpreted unfavorably as meaning bad luck or some financial misfortune; if the dreamer shows no fear of the animal the unfavorable signs do not apply. Dropping a baseball bat or a club or stick resembling a baseball bat is a sign that you have missed a good opportunity and that you should make an effort to correct your mistake; picking up a baseball bat is a sign that you are slated for advancement; throwing a baseball bat away means that you will finally rid yourself of some bad habits that are harming you.

BATTLE. To dream of a battle or a battlefield signifies an approaching quarrel with persons near you. If you dream that you win a battle, it is a very favorable sign.

BEADS. To dream that you are stringing beads is a sign of hard work ahead. To dream that you are wearing beads and that they break is a warning of discord.

BEANS. A dream about beans is a sing of trouble involving your friends.

BEAR. If a bear chases you, you will be troubled by an enemy. If you kill the bear or elude it, it is a sign you will overcome your troubles.

BED. Seeing beds in a store window or on the floor is a sign, for a man, that he will make a name for himself in business; for a woman, that she will marry a successful business man; buying a bed is a sign that you will be happy in your home and your husband; making a bed is a sign for men and women that they are “home-bodies” and will be extremely happy in wedded life; sleeping in a bed for the first time means that several startling changes for the better will take place in your life within a short time; falling out of bed is a warning of unpleasant words with your employer: the less you say the better; if the bed breaks it is a sign of family discord.

BEE. Seen in a dream, bees are a sign that the dreamer will be highly successful in his work, either as an employee receiving frequent promotions, or in his own business venture; the buzzing of bees means that good things are being said about you; bees coming in your direction will bring you good luck in love and in your career, and bees flying away from you will ward off the mean plans of those who envy you; being stung by a bee indicates that the person who tries to harm you will harm  himself; a dead bee is the sign of a wish that will not be realized.

BEEF. A dream about beef is a forecast of prosperity and contentment, though it does not necessarily indicate great wealth.

BEER. See Ale.

BEETS. Eating beets is a sign that you will pass a difficult and important test that will make your personal life happier and your financial condition better; to dream of passing through a field of growing beets means that your business will go through a period of considerable expansion; preparing beets for a meal is a messenger of unexpected promotion.

The B – Z pages of the Ancient Dream Guide is still VERY MUCH IN THE WORKS!!! Please check back often for updates. Thanks!