What Your Dreams Mean An Ancient Dream Guide {A}

What Your Dreams Mean is a cherished, long trusted dream guide. It was first published in the 1940’s – which means it’s interpretations aren’t as relevant as the updated ones you’ll find in our Dream Dictionary. However, this ancient dream guide is so much fun to read we’re including it as part of Dream Prophesy.

Please, please, please bear in mind, however, that we do control our own destiny and we most certainly make our own magic.

Just because an entry forecasts a bad omen, don’t think it’s an automatic sentence to a bad experience. It very well could have been a bad dream signaled by a bad moment, spicy food, or… as far as that goes.. a foul mood.

Having said all of that, let’s get to the What Your Dreams Mean Guide.

Please be patient while this guide is being typed in and published on the site.

For the best “reading,” find as many relevant words that apply to your dream as possible. Also, bear in mind that this book was written in the 1940’s, so find the term that was most relevant then. For example, if you dream about gymnasts, you might want to look for the word ACROBAT.  I’m typing the book in exactly as it was published LONG ago, so the terminology will be somewhat different.

[ A ]

ABDUCTION. To dream of being abducted or being forcibly taken away is a sign that success in any field of activity – business, love, social, professional, political, or artistic – will come to the dreamer. See also Captive, Kidnapping.

ABSENCE. Dreaming of the absence of a member of your own family or of an old friend means that you will soon hear pleasant news of a personal nature.

ABSTAINING. To dream that you refuse to drink any kind of alcoholic beverage is a forecast of excellent health.

ABUNDANCE. To dream of having a great deal of everything, more than he could possibly use, is a sign to the dreamer to think of and to save for a rainy day, when he may have little – or nothing.

ABYSS. An abyss or pit into which the dreamer has fallen means that conditions are working against you and that you should allow some period of time to pass before making any change in your address or work. See also Ditch.

ACCIDENT. Accidents in an automobile, a plane, a boat, or a train are signs for the dreamer to avoid using temporarily these means of transportation; by extension, it is wise for the person to avoid, as much as possible, the thing or object that is part of the dream: if one dreams of cutting himself, of being struck with a blunt instrument, or of falling, he should take great care in using knives or any sharp instrument, any hammer-like device or mechanism.

ACCORDION. To dream of hearing this instrument being played is a sign that some well-laid plan will not turn out as you wish; playing it yourself means that you will be happy in the selection of a mate; hearing several accordions being played, as in a theater or music hall, means that you will be called to a post requiring high ability in handling large groups of people; playing an accordion that is out of tune means that your normally peaceful life will be disturbed by family quarrels and office gossip.

ACCOUNTANT. Dreaming that your future husband is an accountant or bookkeeper means that you will marry a fine man and a good provider who will make life easy for you by anticipating your wants and satisfying them; seeing several accountants or bookkeepers at work in an office is a sign that you will soon be placed in a position of authority over other people.

ACCUSATION. Accusations against one are to be regarded as friendly warnings to the dreamer not to place trust in false friends who seek to obtain his position.

ACES. To dream of the Ace of Hearts means success in love and social life; the Ace of Diamonds means great success in business; the Ace of Spades means hard work and disappointments, with no assurance of final success; the Ace of Clubs means loss of prestige and money losses. See also Cards.

ACHE. An ache or pain in the head is a sign that the dreamer should cultivate the habit of keeping his business and personal affairs to himself; a toothache means that a cheering letter or message is on its way to you; an earache foretells the successful working out of an important plan.

ACORN. Acorns lying on the ground mean that the plans and projects, both business and social, of the dreamer will be highly successful, even exceeding his expectations; falling acorns represent unusual opportunities that will soon come your way; gathering acorns means that you will win prizes in various contests testing your ability to answer questions.

ACQUITTED. To dream that you have been charged with some crime and have been acquitted in court means that the efforts of your enemies will come to naught and you will make rapid progress.

ACTOR. Dreaming of the performance of a great actor or actress is a sign that you will be surrounded by luxury; dreaming that you are an actor means that you will win success in whatever calling you adopt; to forget your lines foretells an unpleasant experience.

ADAPTABILITY. Dreaming of your good fortune in being able to adapt yourself to any situation that may arise is a sure sign that your financial condition is sound and will remain so.

ADMIRATION. To dream that people are admiring and praising you means that your sweetheart or helpmate is true and sincerely devoted.

ADVERTISEMENT. Reading advertisements in a paper or magazine is a sign that you will improve your way of living; answering an advertisement foretells a promotion to a high position; inserting an advertisement in a newspaper or periodical means a tremendous increase in the volume of your business; dreaming that you write advertising copy means that changes in your company will reduce the influence of those not friendly to you; reading advertising signs on the street is a sign that you will be transferred to a distant branch in your company.

ADVICE. To dream that you are giving advice means that you are going to do something for which you will be greatly honored by all those about you. To dream that advice is being given to you means that you will presently encounter obstacles but that you will be aided by the counsel of friends.

AGE. To dream about your age is a reminder that you must keep young in spirit!

ALLIGATOR. To dream of an alligator or crocodile means that you have an underhanded and very dangerous opponent and that you should be on your guard.

ALMOND. A marked improvement in your mode of living will follow a dream of eating almonds; if you dream of buying them, you will be asked to undertake a responsibility that shows how highly you are thought of by people whose good opinion is worth a great deal.

ALTAR. To dream that you are kneeling at the altar or that you are witnessing a marriage ceremony at the altar means that you or a close relative will be married within the year.

ALUMINUM. You will enjoy domestic happiness if you dream of aluminum articles in the kitchen.

AMETHYST. Things will go your way if you receive amethysts in any form – as a ring, a necklace, or a bracelet; seeing amethysts assures you a life of peace and contentment; losing them is the reverse of receiving them as gifts; things will go against you, in your business dealings, your love affairs, and in other ways.

ANCHOR. Dreaming of anchors means that you are practical and realistic and that your financial position will always be sound.

ANGEL. An angel flying over your house means that blessings will be showered on you; an angel speaking to you is a sign that people of the highest distinction and importance will be your friends; angels in a picture or painting foretell a long and happy married life.

ANGER. To be angry at someone means they are a loyal friend.

ANIMAL. To dream that you see a number of animals of different kinds means that your life will be filled with toil and hard work but that in the end you will know peace, security, and contentment.

ANT. Success in love and business will follow dreaming of ants.

ANTELOPE. Seeing antelope or deer in the open is a sign that your financial condition will improve; seen in captivity, as in a zoo, they mean that you must be prepared for some reverses, either in your work or in your emotional life; harming or killing them is a sign that your carelessness may lose you an opportunity that will not come again.

ANTLERS. To dream of the antlers of a deer or moose is a sign that you are trying to undertake too many things at one time and must concentrate on only one or two, disregarding the others.

ANVIL. Seeing a blacksmith at his anvil means that you will enjoy physical strength and that you will be successful in your work; watching the sparks fly upward is a sign that your ambition will carry you far.

APE. If you dream of an ape or monkey, be on your guard against an unexpected disappointment.

APPETITE. To dream that you see a man eating with a good appetite means that you are going to meet a person soon who will play an important role in your life.

APPLE. Apple dreams are a sign of general good luck: on a tree, they mean that you will hear pleasant news; on the table, they point to increased social prestige; eating apples is a sign that your present plans will be successful; seeing or eating apple pie indicates your victory in a contest; buying apples means that you will make a profitable investment; falling apples indicates that you will be fortunate in the opportunities presented to you. Dreaming of apple trees in bloom means that pleasant or happy dreams will turn out to be true and that signs of harm or evil will not be realized; a happy home and a happy marriage will come to sweethearts resting underneath an apple tree.

APRICOT. Good returns on an investment will follow a dream of seeing or eating apricots.

APRIL. Dreams of the month of April are generally favorable, meaning success, good health, romance, happiness, and peace; poetically, April is a month loved by poets and celebrated by them as a month of hopefulness, or opening and beginning, as of life and flowers, hence its favorable significance in dreams.

APRON. To dream that you are wearing a dirty apron is a sign that you are going to have some new clothes; to dream that you are mending an apron indicates a new love affair.

ARCH. To dream that you are passing under an arch is a sign that you will be awarded some great honor; seeing a celebrated person passing under an arch foretells your own promotion.

ARCHITECT. Seeing architects at work is a sure sign that conditions and circumstances will cooperate with you in such a way that you will not only enjoy the pleasures of life to the highest degree but will share them with others; studying an architect’s plans means financial security in the days to come; correcting an architect’s plan is a sign that you will be asked to do work that is distasteful to you.

ARGUMENT. Arguments with your wife (or husband) mean that you should curb your hasty temper; with your employer, poor returns from an investment; with your neighbors, that your genial disposition will win you many friends; with your fellow-employees, that you will be given a post of trust and responsibility.

ARROW. Arrows flying in the air are a sign that you will be injured by gossip unless you take steps to trace it to its source and refute it; a broken arrow is a sign that you may lose a good friend whose value you do not appreciate.

ASPARAGUS. Seeing or eating asparagus means that you will enjoy good health and financial independence; cleaning asparagus means that an unpleasant situation will soon be cleared up to your satisfaction.

ASYLUM. Dreaming of visiting or being in a mental institution is one of the “contrary” dreams, testifying to your superior mental ability and to the high respect in which you are held because of your understanding of intellectual matters.

AUCTION. Attending auction sales or listening to the routine of the auctioneer are signs that your good luck will stay with you, provided you do not make any purchases; if you dream that you are bidding for items and buying them, you will have many annoying experiences at home and with your business associates, and you will lose a considerable sum of money; if you dream that you are pounding the auctioneer’s gavel, you will suffer a serious loss in your social position.

AUGUST. To dream of taking some important step – marrying, leaving an old position, taking a new one – in the month of August is regarded as a sign that you will have a temporary run of bad luck.

AUTHOR. To dream that you associate with distinguished authors means that your friendship will be eagerly cultivated by people of importance in society, in art circles, in business, and in social welfare work; dreaming that you are an author is a sign that you possess artistic talent – not necessarily in writing – and should develop it for pleasure as well as profit; an author’s dream of his own work is frequently interpreted by contraries: if (s)he dreams that it is (or will be) a hit, it will fail – and it will be marked success if (s)he dreams that it is inferior.

AUTOMOBILE. To dream that you are driving an automobile foretells prosperity and financial gain. To dream that you are driving a horse is the sign of early marriage.

AUTUMN. To dream of marrying in the autumn is the sign of a happy marriage; you will have all kinds of good luck in a house if you dream of buying it in the autumn months; commercial ventures will prosper if you dream of planning them in the autumn.

AXE. A sharp axe, ready for use, means material success and happiness in marriage; a dull axe means petty quarrels and financial losses