A Grisly Dream Saves an Iguana’s Life

As a huge animal lover, I read a lot of books by Allen & Linda Anderson (we extreme animal lovers have to stick together, right?).  I was zipping along through their latest book, Angel Animals – Book of Inspiration when I came to a story that spoke to BOTH the dreamologist and the animal lover.

An iguana parent (Darry) from North Carolina was telling the story of their pet iguana, Bubbette.   When Bubbette was a baby, Darry had a very troubling dream one night. She dreamed that Bubbette got  into the garbage disposal and was killed.  The dream was so realistic and frightening that she literally woke up crying. Grisly

Several months passed and Darry was working in the kitchen one day, with Bubbette on her shoulder.  Darry cleared dishes, and generally took care of things that we all do after a meal – with Bubbette riding happily on her shoulder.

What happened next really makes the hair on your arms sit up:

I pushed scraps down the garbage disposal and switched it on.  When I turned around to pick up more dishes, I had a flashback of that dream.  Immediately, I spun back to the sink and flicked off the disposal – just in time.  Bubbette, for the first time ever, had taken a flying leap off my shoulder into the sink.  I caught her just as she was going down the disposal drain.

If I had not remembered that dream, Bubbette probably would have fallen into the garbage disposal before I could realize what was happening.  She was very small at the time, and would have slid easily into the hole and met an untimely demise.

Thank goodness the little cutie was spared by her mom’s dream!

I found something else fascinating about the dream.  This Iguana lover spends a great deal of time promoting the safety and care of Iguanas.  She belongs to a rescue group that discourages people from adopting iguanas until they’ve read “Iguanas for Dummies” (great, great advice, by the way – A LOT more goes into bringing an iguana into your family than you’d think).  This concern and compassion for this animal made its way into her dream, and saved her own little girl in the process!

This is just another clear example of why I tell people, “Never, ever ignore your dreams.”