What Does My Dream Mean: A Knife Dream That Seemed Prophetic

Here’s a recently submitted dream that’s, well, more than just a little creepy:

I dreamed…

My fiance and I had become vampires. I was really happy about this and wanted nothing more. We wanted to purchase a motorcycle to go to bike week. I said we should shop for a nice new outfit for me first. We went to some clothing shops in a country downtown atmosphere.

I started worrying that maybe I was not really a vampire, maybe I could get hurt. I decided to cut my hand to see if it would heal quickly. As I looked at the wound I had given myself a flash of a dog with a stab wound to the eye came into my vision. The vision came and went very fast. I then saw my hand heal and felt excited again about being a vampire but confused about the vision.

I am a fan of twilight so I can understand why I would have a dream like this. My problem with it is what happened a few days after my dream.

I work at an animal shelter. At work a dog came in that had been stabbed in the stomach and in the eye. The knife was still lodged in the dogs’ eye. This was done by a cop in “self defense”. The dog had to be euthanized. After the dog was dead the knife was removed and it was the same image I had seen in my dream..

It was a traumatizing event for me to witness and the fact that I had a vision of it in a dream is making me crazy wondering how or why.

First of all, the vampire theme: I’ve gotten many (make that many, many, many) dreams over the past few years about vampire dreams. When I double-checked for a pattern, I found what I suspected – they mainly occurred around the release of Twilight and New Moon! Not surprisingly, people who are romantics at heart see this as something too delicious not to partake of in their dreams.

Some people are wondering if dreaming of vampires means they are looking for or craving excitement. It’s actually, in most circumstances, more on a romantic path than anything else…. especially since, as you said, you are a Twilight fan (me too by the way!).

Second of all, dreaming of a knife in any way is a symbol that there’s something in your life that you’d like to remove. Knife dreams indicate that the dreamer has something they want to get out of their life – or cut out of themselves (such as bashfulness, bitterness, a weight problem… even a bad memory). The dog in the dream is very much expected, given your work. He would seem to indicate that what you want to remove from your life is at least partly connected to your job.

As for the hideous incident with the dog, it truly was a most unfortunate coincidence. I can see how the vision would be troubling and difficult to get out of your mind. It will take time, but eventually your mind will be filled with adorable cats, dogs, and other patients who meet with much, much happier endings.

I hope your dreams and your thoughts are much sweeter very, very soon!

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Dreaming of A Mother Who Has Passed Away

Below is a dream that was recently left on the blog to be analyzed and interpreted. I felt many others could benefit from the dream, so I’m sharing it below.

Hello my name is Delandra and I am 25 Years old I recently lost my mother and I am now beginning to have dreams of her dieing again .Some of the things in my dream are kinda weird. There is one dream that I had where I was fussing wit my uncle about something and he follows me into the house and I end up underneath him and he place a gun in my chest and begins to pull the trigger but while i’m screaming for help the bullets are just blanks and then i’m where someone gets a phone call from my grandmother telling them that my mother is dead and i begin to scream and cry and I wake u wit tears in my eyes as if i am crying but i really was crying. Can u explain this to me please?

First of all, I’m terribly, terribly sorry about your mother. 25 is unbelievably young to lose a parent. I’m profoundly sorry and hope you have a good number of people around you to help with the months and even years ahead. As someone who has walked the dark road you’re now facing, I can tell you that you have to take your time and heal – give yourself patience and time.  You can’t lose someone you had your whole life and not feel the loss for a very, very long time.

During such a horrible lose, our brains (understandably) have a  difficult time processing and making sense out of what has happened. How do you make peace with something so outrageously unfair and heartbreaking?  During the day, while we’re in the grieving process, we often “busy” our minds.  It’s a coping strategy and one that everyone recommends…. “Keep busy” – how many times do we hear that?

We do the best we can to keep our mind occupied while we’re awake, but when we’re asleep, the mind tries to make sense of the loss the best it can.  It’s extremely common to dream about people we have lost, especially in the first weeks and months after the loss.  When the loss hits particularly close to home, we often think about our own death.  This explains your dream.  While your mind is trying to wrap itself around your horrible loss, it’s also sorting out fears you may have about your own mortality.

Take very good care of yourself during the coming months and get plenty of rest.  Your dreams will be a better place to be very soon.  Again, I’m very sorry for your loss.

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