Dream Interpretation: What Does it Mean to Dream About a Cemetery

The Meaning Can Actually Go One of Several Ways....

Cemetery Dreams

Dreaming of a cemetery (or of anything pertaining to a cemetery such as headstones or graves) can have several meanings.

For some people, cemetery dreams indicate that they either have (or have recently had) a fear of illness or a sense of impending doom – either relating to themselves or someone they love. If serious illness or any form of catastrophe has been kicking around your mind, the subconscious brain may go all in and manifest these thoughts in a cemetery-themed dream.

I guess you could say these types of dreams could be a reminder to pay careful attention to what you think about during the day!

Cemetery dreams can also symbolize the words death, dead, or dying in different… decidedly less fatal… ways. The following thoughts and comments can put the words death, dead, and dying in the subconscious mind:

  • a”dying” relationship
  • a “dead end” job
  • being “dead in the water
  • saying “you’re killing me
  • anything that may have made you say or think, “this is going to be the death of me!
  • a pretty dramatic individual may even say something inside of them is dying.

It only takes a small thought or comment to produce a dream. The subconscious mind hangs on tightly to things it finds particularly interesting, then produces, casts, and directs mini-movies called dreams.  More often than not, the “set location” for these mini movies have as much to do with the dream’s interpretation as the action, itself.

Some older dream dictionaries believed that cemetery dreams indicated  the dreamer’s need for physical, emotional, or spiritual rest.  In the past (as in long, long ago!) cemeteries were viewed differently than they are today.  We don’t associate peace, rest, and quietness with cemeteries today as much as they did in the past. Part of the reason may be the language used THEN compared to the language used NOW.  A very common phrase regarding cemeteries in the past was “a final resting place.”

People also used to refer to death more as “at rest” or “at peace.”  Therefore, cemeteries and graves were viewed as places of rest and peace. While this may still be true in some parts of the world – it isn’t as prevalent as it once was.

Having said all of that… if you dream of cemeteries or graves and you happen to view death as a “final rest,” you could possibly interpret your dream as your brain telling you that you need a rest.

As with most dreams, your own individual interpretation may be different from the next person’s. You have  to ask yourself:

  • What are my feelings about cemeteries?
  • How did I feel immediately after awaking from this dream?

Your own thoughts and emotions will help direct you to your own personal analysis.

“What Does This Weird Dream Mean?!”

Dreamer Has a Rare Dream About Daydreaming

Okay,  here’s a weird dream I hope you can interpret for me. I just know there is some important meaning behind it but I can’t figure it out. I dreamed that I was with my mom (who died suddenly 3 years ago). I miss her very much and dream about her a lot. In the dream we were in a plane. I am scared of planes and heights more than anything, so being in the plane made me very uneasy.  As the plane began to start going down – crashing – my dream suddenly switched to me on the ground – daydreaming about the whole plane situation.  I’ve never done that in my dreams before – “daydreaming” or imagining something. That would seem almost impossible, but it’s exactly what happened.  Then, in the dream, I began “playing out” scenarios – like wondering what different people would say if they found out our plane had crashed, who would cry, who would miss me, etc.  I even imagined that all my family would find it very ironic that I died doing something I feared so much.  What does this weird dream mean? It has shaken me and unsettled me a great deal.  Thank you. – T.B.

This type of dream is – in my experience – VERY rare, indeed. I’ve personally had kind of similar dreams a few times in my life and each time – like you – I wondered, “How is that even possible?!” Dreams: Dream Interpretation

The mind is so incredibly complex that almost anything IS possible. The subconscious mind doesn’t have any “rules” it has to live by, so pretty much anything goes.

When reading over this particular dream, one thing stood out – this is what I call a  “troubled” dream.  The dream, itself, isn’t troubled (of course), but the dreamer is… or at least has been very recently.

The fact that your mother – who you lost a few years ago – was with you in the dream coupled with the fact that one of your greatest fears – flying – was taking place points to a fear surrounding illness, injury, or even death.  You could have been EXTRA worried about a loved one recently or even fearful of your own well-being or health.

I believe this dream indicates that your fears are “in your mind” and that, deep down, you realize this.

This sort of insight can sometimes create complex dreams as your mind tries to sort everything out.

  1. You’re fearful for someone (or for yourself)
  2. You realize the fear is in your mind

Is it any wonder the subconscious mind has trouble making sense of it?!

We’ve all been there, though. We worry ourselves sick about something – the whole time knowing that we’re creating the drama.

Just more examples of just how COMPLEX the mind is.

I hope you’ll use your dream to help you let go of excessive worrying and release fear that you create in your own mind.  Thanks for sharing your dream with us – what you think of as “weird,” the rest of us think of as “fascinating!”

Numbers in Dreams: Why the Number is Often the Most Important Thing!

Ask Yourself What the Number Represents to You

Number DreamsIf you remember a particular number from a dream, rest assured that the number (itself) is important. In fact, it very well may be the most important thing about the dream. Think about it – each dream involves some type of number. For example, you may dream about 4 cats, 2 people, 1 cake, etc. But we don’t always place importance on the numbers, themselves.

Why? Most of the time, the number simply isn’t important to the dream’s meaning.

However, if you have a particular dream and, when retelling or reliving the details, you make a point of naming a certain number (such as a number of objects, a “head count,” a particular number of days….) – THEN the number is of importance.

In fact, it may be the most important thing about the dream!

A few examples:

  • If you dream about the number 2, odds are the number has to do with a romantic relationship – one you either value, wish you had, are concerned about. or miss.
  • If you dream about a particular number, it could stand for the number of children you have.
  • A number could also be the total of people in your immediate family – usually in your household.
  • If you have  a spouse and, say, 3 children, the number 4 could simply represent the total of people you care extra deeply about and worry the most about.
  • The number 1 can have several meanings – it could mean everything from loneliness to a feeling of supreme confidence and cockiness! Only the dreamer can say for certain.

When you remember a particular number from your dream (that is to say the number “stands out” for whatever reason), the first thing you should do is ask yourself what the number REPRESENTS to you.  Usually, the first thing that comes to mind is what the number truly represents to you.

After you have your source, look at the type of dream you had. Was it carefree, happy, peaceful, and fun or was it scary, chaotic, and unsettling?

Let’s say you realize that the number 3 represents the number of children you have. If your dream was chaotic and possibly even scary – this would indicate that you are (in some area) worried or concerned about these children.  Possibly you had recently been thinking about the cost of college or the crime rate.

It could be that you were worried about them physically, spiritually, or emotionally.  You could, also – of course – been worried about something happening to you…. wondering how they’d get along without you.

Finally, you could have been wondering if you you are doing all you could for them (after all, parents never think they’re actually doing enough!).

If the dream was unsettling, then it represents something unsettling in your thoughts during the hours leading up to the dream - not your overall thoughts.  It could have simply been one fleeting thought you had during the day that simply showed up in the dream.

If the dream was carefree and fun, it was simply your subconscious mind celebrating a great day or “acting out” pleasant thoughts.

On my self help blog, I always talk about the importance of having a positive attitude.  I frequently write about how vital it is to welcome and entertain only positive thoughts (as much as possible, that is).  Your dreams are simply another reason why keeping an upbeat attitude is important. If your mind is troubled during the day, more times than not, your dreams will be troubled at night.

Try to remember that when your alone with your thoughts – they’ll probably revisit you in one way or another.

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Periodic Table of Dreams (Infographic)

Color Coded Fun for Dream Interpretation

Below is a fun dreams infographic that color codes dream subjects and the corresponding emotions that may be tied with them. Enjoy!

Periodic Table of Dreams Infographic

Closed Signs: Are These “Signs” More Than They Seem?

When Your Dream is Trying to Tell You Something Important

What's My Dream Trying to Tell Me?I recently had a dream submitted that involved a very interesting dream symbol: Closed Signs. The dreamer pointed out that they are a recent college graduate who (like a LOT of young people) is struggling a little in their career.

Below is an excerpt from the dream:

2 nights ago i had a dream, i was with my friend in a condo and we were about to leave and i said to the other person in the same room that i will just bring my friend home and we walked towards to the elevator and we found out that the elevator is not working on that floor so we decided that to maybe go down to another floor to ride the elevator.so we did, we used the stairs and when we
reached another floor down there’s a sign on the door and it says “CLOSED” then, we went down again until we can enter a opened door. But as we go down again, We saw the “CLOSED” sign again and another floor down “CLOSED” sign was there again and then on the 4th floor down there i saw no more “CLOSED” sign and we entered then i woke up after that.

What a frustrating dream! This is one of those instances where the description of the dream (frustrating) sums up feelings the dreamer has recently experienced. It’s as though the subconscious mind uses the emotions of the conscious mind to “set the theme” for dreams.  It picks up on the frustration and more or less runs with it – up elevators, down halls, up stairs, down stairs..

However, I think there might be a little more to it. While it’s clear why your mind created such a frustrating scenario in your dream, I believe it was – in the process – providing you with a little advice.

Before I get to what I personally think this advice was, I just want to reiterate something I frequently say on Dream Prophesy: Our subconscious mind is one of our greatest allies in life.  It has access to all of our struggles, our strengths, our weaknesses, our problems – everything that is US and everything that is OUR WORLD. The subconscious mind knows everything our conscious mind does – but it has a “superpower,” if you will.

It doesn’t get in its own way!

That’s why it is so vital to interpret our dreams (or to have someone do it for you, of course).  Our dreams are basically our subconscious mind painting a picture for us and, many times (if not most of the time), we can find valuable clues and priceless advice within the picture it paints.

In this particular dream, I believe the dreamer’s subconscious mind is saying, “Keep looking for the answer…”  Furthermore, because of the nature of the dream, I believe the subconscious mind is also saying, “Look places you haven’t yet looked.”

We can EVEN go a little deeper.  Because there were “levels” in the dream – clearly indicated by stairs and elevators – I believe the subconscious mind is encouraging the dreamer to “look up” and possibly even to “aim higher.”  Why? Because all of the “downs” were closed!

When a dream presents us with clear options (up… down or hot… cold, etc), many times the clue to the dream’s interpretation is in the choice that was successful in the dream OR, by process of elimination, the choice that was unsuccessful in the dream.

Obviously, when you have a dream like this, it doesn’t mean to march into work on Monday morning and demand a raise. I’m pretty sure telling your boss, “But my dream said aim higher!” won’t win you the title employee of the month! However, a dream like this can serve as motivation and inspiration to aim higher, look up, and keep on keeping on.

The key dream analysis here is to look UP, aim HIGHER, and… whatever you do… don’t “lower” your expectations or get DOWN… because there isn’t anything for you there… it’s all CLOSED!

Thanks so much for submitting your dream – when dreamers do so, inevitably other dreamers are helped by their interpretation.

When Dreams Seem to Come True

"Each Time I Dream About Someone, I See Them Soon Thereafter..."

Can Dreams Come True?Recently a Dreamer Wrote:

I’m a rational adult and I know – without a shadow of doubt – that dreams don’t tell the future. I’ve read on this website about how that some people are more intuitive than others and how this makes them have dreams that often seem to tell the future. It makes complete sense to me and I totally agree with it. I just wanted to run something by you because it is so uncanny. Each time I dream about someone, I see them soon thereafter. I’ve noticed it for about 3 years now. When I dream about a person or several people, I always end up seeing them either the next day or one of the following 3 days. Always! I was just wondering what your thoughts were about this. Thanks a lot! – CB

CB, Ironically my oldest daughter and I have noticed something kind of similar. It seems that whenever we think about someone we hadn’t seen (or even thought of in a while), we end up seeing them – either that day or the next.  In a lot of ways, dreams are our subconscious mind’s thoughts, so I think the situations kind of go hand in hand.

Personally I think a lot of it has to do with a good old fashioned “sense of timing” that we’re all born with.

For example, have you often felt like “it’s time for a storm” – even without seeing the weather?  Or maybe you’ve kind of gotten a sense that “it’s time for something bad to happen.”  Life is a series of cycles, strewn together and sometimes I believe we simply “sense” when it’s time for something – yes, even time that a certain familiar face show up!

Our subconscious mind is aware of A LOT more than we ever give it credit for. Fact is, if we could somehow sit down and have a conversation with our subconscious mind, we’d be blown away by its insights. We’d also come away with a lot of answers and solutions to problems that have been hounding us.

Which is the main reason behind delving into dreams for dream analyses and interpretations!

Sometimes our subconscious mind simply knows when it’s “about time” to see someone. In turn, it’ll present the person in a dream or thought during the day.

Other times? Chalk it up to good old coincidence!

What Do Collision Dreams Mean?

Plus: Why Recurring Dreams Deserve Extra Attention

Collision DreamsWhat does it mean to dream about colliding with people or things? I had my first dream like this about 3 weeks ago. I was driving a car on a street and suddenly a train (on the road for some reason) came right at me. I woke up right before it hit me.  The next collision dream was about being in a grocery store when a store worker collided her huge cart with my grocery cart. The most recent one got my attention the most though. I was walking in a field when I suddenly realized that I was walking on an old railroad track. Just as my mind registered what it was, I heard a loud train whistle and looked up to see one coming right at me. My feet couldn’t run sideways – they had to stay on the old train track. I couldn’t even turn around to go the other direction. I had to run backwards trying to get away from this big train that was speeding at me. I woke up and sat straight up, breathing deep like I’d been running. It has left me shaken for days.

First of all, let’s look at what collision dreams mean. Ancient dream guides say that dreams like the ones named here are omens to slow down.  The thought is that if your mind is “set” to this type of panic mode, it’s because it is over-stimulated and in need of a rest.

Generally speaking, I read old dream guides with a measure of skepticism – after all, most of them talk about “foretelling” and “omens,” as though dreams are psychic and we don’t have a lot of say in the matter.  I’m certainly not on board with that line of thinking, so I never put FULL trust in ancient dream guides. However, when it comes to dreams such as this – I think they’re right on the money.

A stressed brain will “conjure” up far more stressful dreams than a well-rested, peaceful brain. The same can be said for a dreamer’s brain when the dreamer is sick, injured, or under any sort of grief or prolonged sadness.

Dreams of colliding with other people or objects generally mean the dreamer is “on guard” about something in his/her life.  There is something in  particular that they’re “watching out for.”

I’ve heard of people who have been very unlucky in love having these types of dreams when starting a new relationship.  Bad things have happened in the past and, in an effort to protect themselves, they now “watch” for warning signs.

It doesn’t just have to romantic relationships, of course – it can be jobs, friendships,  finances, health, etc.

Only the dreamer can say for certain, but more times than not, a collision dream indicates that the dreamer is anticipating something coming at them that they want to “brace” against.

The fact that this is a recurring dream, in my opinion, makes it even more important.  When a dream’s “prophecy” is something the dreamer’s brain deems extremely important, it will put the message in reruns in an effort to get its point across. Very often, simply consciously confronting the dream’s meaning will be all it takes to end the recurring dreams.

It’s as though the brain realizes that it got its message across, so it relaxes. I certainly hope that’s the case because a relaxed brain’s dreams are FAR less disturbing!

What Does it Mean When you Dream About Losing Your Glasses (Or Contacts)?

This Dream Interpretation Differs from Most "Lost Dreams"

What does it mean to dream about losing your glasses?We’ve looked at “Lost Dreams” before on Dream Prophesy (Lost Key dreams, for example).  People frequently dream about being lost or about having lost an object or objects. Generally, when the object is something like a book, keys, or other “impersonal inanimate object,” the dream interpretation (analysis, meaning…) is pretty basic. More times than not, the dreamer is afraid of losing something in their “real world” and a scenario of losing is thereby played out in their “dream world.”

Naturally the thing they’re afraid of losing isn’t actually the book, keys, or object that’s lost in the dream.  The same object (or person) COULD show up in the role, but it’s very rare.

However, when it comes to dreaming about losing your glasses (or contact lenses), the dream interpretation goes deeper.   Of course, we’re talking about vision-correcting glasses, not sunglasses, drinking glasses, or other types of glasses.  All of these would fall under the previous category of impersonal inanimate objects.

Eyeglasses (also: contact lenses) are one of the most personal possessions an individual can have.  For those who wear vision correcting lenses, they’re the difference between sitting in a room with no windows to the outside world and sitting in a room filled with windows.

In many ways, our eyeglasses are our windows to the world and we rely and depend upon them more than anyone could imagine.

When you consider their importance and think about their vital role in the wearer’s quality of life, you can better understand WHY dreaming about losing your glasses is an intensely deep dream.

Basically, if you dream that your glasses (or, again, contact lenses) are lost or missing, it means that you are experiencing great amounts of either helplessness or self doubt in your real life – maybe even more than you realize.

Here are a few examples:

  1. “James” begins a new job as principal at a local middle school. Though he has the required schooling for the job, deep down he has a couple of doubts. He fears that, maybe, he isn’t experienced enough for the job.  The self doubt leads to a dream where he has lost his glasses and can’t find them. He looks all around his house as well as the school. In the dream, teachers (and even a few students) tell him that he should keep up with his glasses. One student even asks, “What were you thinking?!” He awakens nearly in a panic because the dream seems so real.  The rebuttal from the teachers and students is the self-rebuttal that he, himself, feels…. even down to the, “What were you thinking,” something he has probably asked himself.
  2. “Dottie” has been married for 45 years to “Thomas.” Sadly, Thomas has been diagnosed with diabetes and the doctors are having a horrible time regulating his sugar levels. She’s devoting most of her days trying to help her husband eat right, stay on top of his medications, and exercise – all while trying to “ride out” his unpredictable moods. Because she is so busy thinking about her husband, she doesn’t fully realize just how helpless and overwhelmed she actually feels. One night, however, she has a dream that her glasses have disappeared and everything around her is nothing more than a blur. She can’t make out her husband or children’s faces, can’t see the flowers in her flower garden, and can’t see to cook. She frantically searches for her glasses but they’re nowhere in her home. As soon as she wakes up, she reaches over to the table beside her bed to make sure her glasses are there. The dream leaves her shaken – even more shaken than she believes a dream could have the power to do.

In both instances, the dreams, themselves, aren’t what left the dreamers so shaken or panicked – it was the emotions revealed through the dream.  The dreams simply pulled back a veil that let each dreamer see how fragile and raw their emotions were at this time.

I always point out that dreams (or, more to the point, their meanings and interpretations) can be VERY helpful to us.  These cases are perfect examples because each individual – after their dream interpretations – realized they needed to make a few changes. “James” began telling himself that he was getting the best kind of “experience” available.. on the job experience. He also began to focus on the fact that he was hired over every other applicant – and if they put that kind of trust in him, he should put it in himself.

“Dottie” began taking more time to unwind. She found solace in reading novels in her backyard – surrounded by her 3 beautiful Dalmatians.

These are classic examples of ways our dreams can lead to better self understanding and, oftentimes, even a better life.