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Can You Re-Enter Dreams

Is there Any Way to “Re-Enter” a Dream After Waking From One?

  A couple of frequently asked questions about dreams actually have a lot in common: Is there any way to re-enter a dream after waking from one? Can you “Invite” a dream back into your dream world. For example, once you have dreamed about a particular thing, can you make yourself dream about it again? […]

What Do Anger Dreams Mean?

Dream Analysis: When Dreams Leave You Feeling Angry

Have you ever had a dream that just left you feeling angry when you woke up?! Maybe you felt angry in the dream – or maybe something happened in the dream that left you feeling mad when  you stepped out of the dream. Maybe both! Anger dreams are actually pretty therapeutic. They allow the dreamer […]

Cemetery Dreams

Dream Interpretation: What Does it Mean to Dream About a Cemetery

  Dreaming of a cemetery (or of anything pertaining to a cemetery such as headstones or graves) can have several meanings. For some people, cemetery dreams indicate that they either have (or have recently had) a fear of illness or a sense of impending doom – either relating to themselves or someone they love. If […]

Dream Interpretation

“What Does This Weird Dream Mean?!”

Okay,  here’s a weird dream I hope you can interpret for me. I just know there is some important meaning behind it but I can’t figure it out. I dreamed that I was with my mom (who died suddenly 3 years ago). I miss her very much and dream about her a lot. In the […]

Number Dreams

Numbers in Dreams: Why the Number is Often the Most Important Thing!

If you remember a particular number from a dream, rest assured that the number (itself) is important. In fact, it very well may be the most important thing about the dream. Think about it – each dream involves some type of number. For example, you may dream about 4 cats, 2 people, 1 cake, etc. […]

Dream Catcher iPhone Case

Top 10 Dream Catcher iPhone Cases

Amazon is THE place to shop online and if you love dream catchers, you’ll find more there than anywhere.  Amazon also has a ton of beautiful Dream Catcher iPhone Cases. Click through any of the ones shown here for a closer look. When you click through, you’ll find even more covers and cases. The one […]

Periodic Table of Dreams Infographic

Periodic Table of Dreams (Infographic)

Below is a fun dreams infographic that color codes dream subjects and the corresponding emotions that may be tied with them. Enjoy! Related Articles: Number 1 Disturbing Dream Last Month: Dreaming About Lost Loved Ones One of the most frequently requested dream interpretations on our dream blog had to do with dreaming about lost loved ones. […]

What's My Dream Trying to Tell Me?

Closed Signs: Are These “Signs” More Than They Seem?

I recently had a dream submitted that involved a very interesting dream symbol: Closed Signs. The dreamer pointed out that they are a recent college graduate who (like a LOT of young people) is struggling a little in their career. Below is an excerpt from the dream: 2 nights ago i had a dream, i was […]

Can Dreams Come True?

When Dreams Seem to Come True

Recently a Dreamer Wrote: I’m a rational adult and I know – without a shadow of doubt – that dreams don’t tell the future. I’ve read on this website about how that some people are more intuitive than others and how this makes them have dreams that often seem to tell the future. It makes […]

Collision Dreams

What Do Collision Dreams Mean?

What does it mean to dream about colliding with people or things? I had my first dream like this about 3 weeks ago. I was driving a car on a street and suddenly a train (on the road for some reason) came right at me. I woke up right before it hit me.  The next […]