Dreams About Loosing Teeth: What Do These Unsettling Dreams Mean?

It Usually Has to do with Loss - Either Real or Perceived

Okay, so I know this dream is a real freaky one but I had a dream about 6 nights ago that all of my teeth fell out of my head. No pain, no warning, they simply fell out. It’s nearly a week later and I am still really freaked out about this dream. What does this dream mean and should I be worried about an accident or illness? I can’t tell you how this dream is haunting me. The dream is freaking me the heck out and I don’t have any peace of mind at all. Please tell me what this dream means. Thank you.

It might surprise you, but dreams about loosing teeth are pretty common. I hear from a lot of people who have had a dream where they lose one, two, or even all of their teeth. I think one of the reasons people reach out to a dreamologist about this type of dream is because it’s such an unsettling dream.

Ugly woman

Even though we rarely – if ever – think about our teeth on an average day, they are infinitely important to us. Vital, even. We are fully aware of the fact that our teeth are all ours and they’re unlike anyone else’s.  Our teeth are a lot like our thumbprints – they provide a great deal of our individuality.  You could say they separate us from everyone else.

When you stop long enough to think about just how important our teeth are, it makes you realize just how weighty a dream about losing our teeth is. However, don’t start freaking out again, this doesn’t mean that this is a prophetic dream that signals danger or illness ahead.  Below are some interesting things to realize about this type of dream.  At the end I’ll give you your own personal interpretation.

  1. Sometimes, in our sleep, we’ll experience discomfort in our jaw, mouth, or teeth. This pain or discomfort will sometimes work its way into our dream. If you dream about a tooth or teeth falling out and it’s accompanied by pain that “seems real,” more likely than not, you experienced some sort of pain in or around your teeth during the night.
  2. If you dream of losing your teeth and experience a mild amount of pain, bleeding, or discomfort, the dream eludes to physical or emotional pain you have recently experienced or physical or emotional pain that you FEAR experiencing.
  3. If your teeth fall out and you experience great embarrassment in your dream, the interpretation is that you’re anxious about something and fear that you’ll “make a fool” out of yourself or that others will laugh at you. Quite possibly, there is even one thing in particular that you’re self conscious about.

The thing that stands out to me the most about your dream is that it caught you off guard.  The fact that you mentioned, “no foreshadow…. no heads up… no warning” leads me to believe that THIS is actually the most vital part of the dream interpretation.  Usually, dreams about losing teeth have to do with loss – and this loss is usually a loss that has recently taken place in the dreamer’s life.

However, because of the “out of the blue” nature of your dream, I believe that the “loss” referred to in your dream has to do with a loss you FEAR or more to the point something you FEAR losing.  It’s probably not even a loss you’ve experienced or are likely even TO experience. Often we have dreams of this nature after hearing of another person’s personal loss. We tend to think, “Wow. What if that happened to me?!”  Other times, we cling to our possessions in the fear that they may somehow be taken from us.

I believe the loss symbolized in your dream is simply a loss that you fear may come unexpectedly or “out of the blue.”  As in a sudden loss with “no foreshadow…. no heads up… no warning.

As with all troubling dreams, the best way to get them out of your system is to get them out of your reach. Try not to thing too much about the dream and concentrate, instead, on happily positive and positively happy thoughts!

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Dreaming About Clowns: What Do Clown Dreams Really Mean??

It All Depends on Your Feelings About Clowns

"Circus Clown and Poster," July 8, 1944“Circus Clown and Poster
John Atherton
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Clowns can mean many things to many people. In fact, you could say the word “Clown” to two different people and get two different reactions. When I hear the word, I think of positive words and emotions: Fun, laughter, free-spirits, happiness… But I know several people who actually have clown phobias and when they hear the word “clown,” they grimace like they just saw a three headed snake with a nasty attitude.

If, like me, you associate clowns with happiness, dreaming about clowns is an expression of happiness and fun. It could be that you’re having a lot of fun with life lately and your dream is just an extension of this fun. However, it could also mean that life isn’t all that fun recently and you’re CRAVING laughter and happiness. Needless to say, when you have a clown dream, you’ll know which of these is the case simply by thinking about where you are in life right now.

If you have a clown phobia – or even if you simply think they’re a little scary – your dream has a different interpretation. When we dream about our biggest fears, most of the time it indicates that we are apprehensive about something in particular. We know something lies in front of us that we’re fearful about and this fearfulness takes on the form or our biggest “real life” fear(s).

However, when we dream of personal phobias, it could also indicate that we’ve recently overcome a particular fear or faced a problem head on. The dream is sort of a celebration of this achievement! Generally, when this is the case… in the dream, we will either overcome the thing we fear the most or will simply see it with an absence of fear.

Dream Interpretation: Dreaming About Autumn Trees!

Usually This Dream Symbolizes Change of Some Sort

Autumn Trees

What does it mean to dream about Fall? My dream last night really doesn’t hold any interesting actions or occurrences. Nothing strange happened and no one unusual was in the dream. I was wondering what the dream meaning would be if the only thing that really stands out about the dream is autumn trees and colors?  Thank you!

Autumn (or Fall) dreams generally are interpreted to dealing with “change” or “changes.”  The dreamer could be excited about potential or actual changes or they could be apprehensive about them.  The main thing is that a “change” of some sort is on their mind.  Only the dreamer can say for certain if it’s a positive or negative dream.

Dreaming about Autumn can also have another meaning – IF the dreamer feels strongly about the season, one way or the other.  For example, I love Autumn so much that a dream about Autumn, for me, can simply be interpreted to mean “great happiness” or “joy.”

On the other hand, some people cling so tightly to Summer and warm weather, that dreaming about Autumn, for them, actually indicates that they’re troubled or unhappy about something in particular.

Unless you feel especially strong about the season, your analysis is centered entirely around change – either…

  • change you are going through
  • change that is ahead of you
  • change that you fear
  • change that you know needs to take place

Only you can say for certain. I  hope this helps!

What Does This Dream Mean?

Why In the World Would I Dream of Madonna....

I’m a 20 something year old female who really loves your dream website. I read all of the dream interpretations and have even been helped by a lot of them. I had a dream recently that I’d love for you to take a crack at. First of all, I’m not a Madonna fan. I like her early music but think her later music was kind of embarrassing for her. I had a dream that I was helping Madonna, of all people, find an address. I’m not even a fan, but I was being SO nice to her and she was so grateful and nice to me too. I read in your dream interpretations that you say the dreamer should ask themselves what they associate with their dream symbols or the people in their dreams. With Madonna, I think of someone who is older than me. I don’t think she’s even really that old, but she is older than me and she looks pretty haggard a lot of the time. Withered and all. Anyway, old is the word I associate most with her. Why in the world would I dream about Madonna? -Am I scared of getting old? –  Kelly

dream analysis imageWell, easy there, you’re talking to someone who’s a Madonna fan! Seriously, I know every word to every song. Yes, even the later ones. Though I’ll admit, they weren’t quite as good as early, vintage Madonna.  Also, as a fan, I also hasten to point out that pictures taken of celebrities are often meant to shock us. They make certain to photograph certain celebrities at the worst possible time and some even alter these images. No doubt the pictures you’re referring to have been some of these pics.

As for your dream’s meaning, you’re on the right track with the “associating” exercise, but – ironically – I think you’re going in the wrong direction. If there were any sort of fear, anxiety, or apprehension involved, the dream would have been more negative. However, it was a positive dream which means that it’s highly unlikely anything negative was hidden in the meaning.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that this dream has a very positive interpretation. For whatever reasons, you are at complete peace with growing older.  Maybe you realize that with all the products, information, and services available today, we can fight the aging process like never before. You’ve probably arrived at the place in your life where you realize that age is just a number – nothing more, nothing less.

I believe your subconscious mind produced someone who symbolized growing “older” to you.  I also think that it chose someone who (whether you care to admit it or not) represents aging while still having fun and living life on their own terms.

Madonna represents many things to many people but has always been a sex symbol to most.  She symbolizes being comfortable with who you are – whatever your age. She even represents an attitude of “If you don’t like me, it’s your loss!”

I believe that the fact your dream was upbeat and positive simply means you haven’t just made peace with growing older but have come to view it as an adventure.

A final note about your dream. You mention you were helping her find an address.  When we’re LOOKING for something in our dream, it usually means we’re searching for something in life. However, you were helping her FIND an address which, to me, means you’ve found something recently – comfort with the person you see in the mirror today as well as the one you’ll see in the mirror 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 years from now!

Dream Interpretation: What Does it Mean When You Dream You Can’t Reach Something?

A Frustrating Dream That's Actually Telling You Something

Dream Interpretation (Frustration Dreams)What does it mean when you dream that you keep trying to get something but can’t quite reach it? I have had several dreams like this. In the first one, I needed to get on the other side of a fence for some reason (I think something was chasing me). All I knew was I had to get to the other side of the fence, but when I ran toward it, it kept moving away. The further I ran, the more it moved away from me.  I couldn’t reach it and actually felt the frustration from this dream all day long the next day.

Another dream was similar. I was at someone’s wedding, putting floating candles in a pond. It was a stupid dream, really. I don’t know anyone getting married and I don’t care about floating candles. I’m a guy who loves football, baseball, hockey, and NBA games, I don’t care about candles or weddings! Anyway, one of my candles (can’t believe I’m even typing these words) blew out and I needed to get it back to me to re-light it. No matter which side I approached it from, I couldn’t reach it!

One more dream. I was playing cards with a friend and dropped one of my cards. Even though it was on the floor.. you guessed it… I couldn’t reach it.

What do these frustrating dreams mean and how can I make them stop?

I actually feel frustrated for you – just reading about your dreams. I can imagine how you must feel!  Dreams like this often “build upon” one another because we’ll be thinking a lot about the last dream – even using descriptive words like “frustrating,” “recurring,” etc.  We sort of invite these annoying dreams to keep coming around merely by thinking about them.

Problem is, how can we not?!

Frustrating dreams always have a message behind them – even if it’s a small one. The original frustrating dream could have been prompted by a number of things:

  • A win that was “just out of reach” – either a sport you were playing, yourself, or a favorite team’s frustrating loss.
  • A goal that you’re shooting for that always seems just out of reach. The frustration from trying to lose weight, kick a habit, work out, etc can spill into our dreams. The frustration we feel while we’re awake finds us while we’re asleep!
  • An issue at work or school that’s frustrating can also “show up” disguised as something else in your dreams.

Each thing in your dream that was “out of reach” represents something in your “real world” that seems out of reach.  Once you realize what this thing is, you can (and should) put together a “can’t miss” plan for reaching your goal. This, obviously, only relates to things within your control. If you’re frustration stems from, say, your favorite baseball team’s losses  there’s nothing you can do about that… short of picking a new favorite team.

Very often, simply realizing what the dreams are trying to tell you will cause them to think, “My job here is done.” Then, mercifully, you’ll be rid of them.


Lost Keys and Recurring Dreams

Never a Fun Combination!

Lost Key Dream InterpretationI was recently asked about “Lost Key” dreams – dreams that are obviously frustrating at best!  The frustration is multiplied when the dreams are recurring, like this particular dreamer’s were. When a dream puts itself in reruns, it always leaves the dreamer perplexed.

Why is my mind doing this?!

The wonderful thing about “lost key” dreams is the fact that they’re usually pretty easy to interpret and analyze.  Simply put… something’s missing! When we dream that we can’t find an object (or person, place…), the symbolism is generally of something we’re “looking” for in our day to day lives.  This could refer to any number of things, such as:

  • love
  • peace of mind
  • an answer to a particular problem
  • better health
  • weight loss
  • money
  • job or career
  • car, house, or furniture
  • better relationship(s)
  • school or college
  • how to find enough time for everything you need to do
  • etc…

It could be absolutely anything that you’re searching for on somewhat of a daily basis.

When you have recurring dreams, you can rest assured that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something. More importantly, it’s actually trying to “work something” out in the dream(s).

Our minds are amazing and complex things.  The mind knows that when you’re asleep, all distractions are gone. The mind sees this scenario as the perfect time to “work out” issues or even hammer things out in an attempt to find a solution or a “best possible answer.”

If you’re experiencing recurring dreams (whether they’re about lost keys or something else), your mind is working hard to come up with an answer that’s eluding it. It may or may not mean that the problem is huge.  In fact, if the problem WERE really big, it’d be pretty obvious to you when you were thinking about the dream.

Here’s an exercise that works for analyzing key dreams:

  1. Write down the first 3 things that come to mind after reading this question: “”What am I looking for that seems to be eluding me lately?” You may very well answer only one thing – if so, you certainly know your answer!
  2. If you do come up with 3 different answers and each seem to “weigh” the same in your mind, you’ll discover that you’re looking for more than you realized. If this is the case, it’d certainly explain why this dream is recurring. You’re looking for more than one answer.
  3. When coming up with the 3 (and remember there may only be 1 or 2), DON’T force it. If you have to pause and think, the answer isn’t that important to your subconscious mind. The answer(s) that really matter will come to you almost immediately.

More about Recurring Dreams in the next post.


Number 1 Disturbing Dream Last Month: Dreaming About Lost Loved Ones

What These Dreams Mean

One of the most frequently requested dream interpretations on our dream blog had to do with dreaming about lost loved ones. For the month of June, the top 3 dream interpretation requests were for: Dreams About Lost Loved Ones

  1. dreams about lost loved ones, family members, friends…
  2. dreams about exes
  3. dreams about snakes TIED with Dreams about knives

I wasn’t too surprised with the requests, to be honest. These subjects are typically the ones I hear the most. I was a little surprised that “knife dreams” tied with snake dreams, though. They’re moving up in the ranks of disturbing dreams!

Dreams about loved ones who’ve died can sometimes be comforting and even enjoyable. I like to think of these dreams as our mind’s way of keeping  our loved ones alive.  We get to see their faces again and even spend time with them once more.

Why we dream about lost loved ones varies from one dream to the next. Sometimes we dream about them simply because we talked about them recently or thought about them that day.  I recently had a dream about my mother-in-law for this very reason. She showed up in my dream because one of my daughters and I had been talking about her that very day.  My daughters were pretty young when she died, so I like to keep her name and memory alive by talking about her. She was quite a character and I like for them to know that!

The dream was not disturbing in any way. She was simply eating supper with us.  When I woke up, I couldn’t help but realizing that she looked EXACTLY like I remember her looking. She was even wearing the type of top (loud and floral!), pants, and shoes she always wore.

Some dreamers have similar dreams about their loved ones and wonder if the dreams mean something “deep” or “disturbing.”  More times than not, they simply mean your mind is keeping their face in your life – and if you think of your dreams this way, they’ll disturb you less.

However, some dreams about lost loved ones ARE dark and unsettling. Our loved one may be in trouble, crying, or need our help – help that we’re often unable to give.  Many experts believe that these dreams indicate that we have unresolved emotions surrounding their death – usually guilt of some kind.  The thing about guilt is that 9 times out of 10 it’s completely unjustified.  Oftentimes this “guilt” is very unrealistic and if we stand back and look at it rationally, we’ll realize there’s no way we could have possibly saved them.

Rather than guilt about their death, some dreamers feel guilty about how they treated them when they were alive.  They’ll have ridiculous thoughts such as, “I should have spent more time with them…. I should have called him/her more…”  These thoughts can lead to disturbing dreams  My advice to anyone with these thoughts is to realize that if THEY had died in place of the loved one, the loved one would have probably had the same guilty thoughts.  We NEVER feel like we did enough for a lost loved one. Ever. That’s just how it is.

Other times, unsettling dreams about lost loved ones may have more to do with us than them. We may feel that we’re developing some of the habits or traits they had or we may fear going down a road they went down. Sometimes fear of developing a disease the loved on had will cause disturbing dreams.

To keep your dreams about lost loved ones as light as possible, try to dwell on positive, happy thoughts about their life and push thoughts about their death, illness, and so forth out of your mind.  It’s how they’d want it after all!

Finally, in times of stress, we may dream about a loved one simply because we associate them with a simpler, easier time. Very often, they represent the past to us and, let’s be honest, the past almost always looks simpler – even if it really wasn’t.

As for our loved ones “trying to warn us about something,” my first instinct is to say NO WAY.  However, in a sense, this could be sort of possible.  As I’ve said many times on Dream Prophesy, dreams are not (in and of themselves) prophetic.  BUT, some people are much, much, much more intuitive or “in touch” with the world around them than others. These people can often “sense”danger because they are so incredibly in tune with everything and everyone around them.  People like this often have dreams that seem “prophetic” simply because they are so uncommonly in touch with the world around them.  They often “see” things other people don’t see and, therefore, their subconscious mind is able to sense perceived danger and potentially harmful situations.

If you are an overtly intuitive person, your dreams may, in fact, be somewhat prophetic in nature.  Your subconscious mind may, indeed, use a lost love one to get its point across.  And what better way than to get your attention than with a lost loved one?


Honey Dreams: The Dream Interpretation Depends…

What Does Honey Mean to You!?!

A recent dreamer has a short and sweet (see what I did there?) dream analysis request: “I had a dream about honey. What does that mean?Honey

When I’m not given too many details – which is certainly the case here!! – it makes it a little tough to give a really accurate and thorough dream interpretation and analysis. However, I’m certainly going to try to do just that.

Honey, like countless other things in life, can actually be symbolic of more than one thing in dreams. A lot of the dream’s interpretation (meaning) has to do with what the dreamer is doing with the honey.  For example, if the dreamer is eating the honey and enjoying the sweet taste, the honey is symbolic of pleasure and happiness.  If the honey is “sticky” and the dreamer is trying to wash it off of their hands or something else, the honey is symbolic of a “sticky situation” the dreamer has recently experienced OR is symbolic of a situation the dreamer is afraid they’ll be “stuck” in.

Many times, if you see the word HONEY in a dream, it is symbolic of a sweetheart. More likely than not, he or she was on your mind before you went to sleep.

You can also get a pretty accurate dream analysis by asking yourself what honey represents to you. For me, personally, it’s a sweetener. Honey’s one of my favorite things in the world – in fact, I could eat it by the spoonful. To someone else, they may think of honey as something sticky.  Naturally, honey would symbolize different things in our dreams.

Dream Analysis of a Potentially Life Changing Dream

One of the Best Dream Symbols I've Read About in a Very Long Time

Dream for Analysis:

This is a pretty detailed dream and I think I may know what the meaning is, but wanted to ask to be sure. First of all, I am a wife and mother in my 50’s. My 2 sons and 1 daughter have all moved out of the house. My husband works long hours and I’m left alone most of the time. My sons and their wives don’t come around much at all. Maybe 1 time a month. My daughter is in college 3 hours away, and used to come home every weekend. But she got a boyfriend who lives in her college town and she only comes home about once a month now.  Each time she and my sons come over I tell them just how lonesome I’ve been for them and how empty my life is now. It seems to make them stay away even longer.  I always tell my husband how down I am, but he doesn’t have any answers. He doesn’t even talk to me much anymore. He works, then comes home and reads the paper.  When I try to tell him how I feel, we end up arguing.

I just wanted to give a little background info to let you know how lonely I am because I believe the dream’s meaning is tied to this sadness. My dream was very vivid and colorful, making it even more griping and intense. I felt all of the emotion just like it was real life. My family was all together at our home. My sons, their wives, my husband, and our daughter. Her new boyfriend was there too. Each time I sat beside one of these people they would either walk away or get up and move. Suddenly, in the dream I was wearing my nightgown and I instinctively pulled part of it up to my nose and realized it smelled bad. My gown smelled like dirty laundry or something. I started crying and kept saying, “I smell bad!” over and over again but none of them looked at me. They all kept talking to one another. I cried and told my husband, “I will change my gown, please don’t let anyone leave. I’ll put on another gown!” But he just looked past me then walked away.

I woke up with a profound sadness and (disturbingly) an overwhelming feeling of being unloved. Worst of all, I can’t shake the feeling even though the dream was two nights ago.  Please help me because this dream is a black cloud over an already bleak life. – Katharine

Reading this dream made me nearly as sad as the dreamer, herself. There’s just so much sadness and discouragement in the words that I could practically see the dark cloud she spoke of myself.   Below is my dream analysis for this particular type of dream:  disturbing dream interpretation

Katharine, it’ll probably come as a surprise to you but the dream doesn’t really have as much to do with your husband and children as it has to do with YOU. I can certainly see how you’d think the dream depicted your family members “staying away from” or “avoiding” you, but the actual dream interpretation goes much deeper than this.  The good… make that great!… news is that this particular dream is a perfect example of being able to use our dreams to improve the real world in which we live. Your dream is handing you a golden key to unlock the door to more happiness, peace, and contentment!

The fact that you, yourself, smelled the nightgown in your dream and realized that it was causing others to stay away from you is beautifully symbolic. I believe that, deep down, you realize that when you tell your husband and kids how miserable and unhappy you are that you are, in effect, pushing them away.  This realization may be so deep down that it’s your subconscious doing the realizing!

Here’s the thing: People are DRAWN to people, places, things, and situations that make them happy. People, places, things, and situations that make them:

  • feel good about themselves
  • feel good about life
  • laugh
  • smile
  • have fun
  • in the end… people, places, things, and situations that they can’t wait to return to because they brought about so much happiness!

In your own words, you say that you tell your husband and children how “empty” your life is and how unhappy you are.  Apparently you do this at just about every available opportunity.  With all the respect, compassion, and genuine concern in the world – I have to ask you this: Why would anyone be DRAWN to that?  The answer is they wouldn’t!  They’d be PUSHED the other way and would even come to dread facing what must feel like guilt trips and depressing encounters.

Your subconscious mind is alerting you to this situation in your dream.  I have to tell you, I get SO excited when I hear about dreams like this because – for one thing – dreams utterly fascinate me and when they are so DEAD ON like this one, it just blows my mind. Dreams and the subconscious mind are simply amazing.  Also, I get excited because this type of dream proves what I’ve said all along – dreams have the power to change our lives for the better – IF we listen to them!

When you smelled your gown in your dream, the gown was symbolic of YOU. It was on you, just as your sadness, loneliness, and, perhaps, bitterness are on you.  When you brought it to your nose and realized it was BAD – you knew it was the cause of everyone being pushed away.   I even love the fact that you referred to the smell as being like “dirty laundry.”  What do we often refer to bad things people keep talking about? Their dirty laundry.

This is your subconscious mind telling you that what you’re “wearing” in your day to day life is, in fact, driving everyone away.

I suspect that the arguments between you and your husband have gotten so out of hand that your marriage is on shaky ground.  The fact that you plead to him in your dream (promising that you’ll “change” – literally!) tells me that the two of you may be nearing a breaking point.  When we actually cry in our dreams, it always means serious, serious business.

On my self help blog (Self Help Daily), I frequently write about how to cope with empty nest syndrome because this is a subject women (and many men) battle as their children grow older, get jobs, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc.  The waves of emotion can tear families apart if you aren’t careful.  You aren’t alone – this is something a lot of people deal with.  Just know that when you tell your loved ones how sad (lonely, empty…) you are over and over again – you are pushing them further away.

Your dream just sent you a powerful warning and I’m hoping you’ll take it to heart.  If I were you, I’d plan a big family get together. Let your daughter know you’d love for her new boyfriend to get to know the rest of the family. Cook out, bake lasagna, or simply go out to your favorite restaurant.  Whatever you do, this time wear something better than a “smelly gown” (frown, sad countenance, bitterness, anger…). This time put on your best! Wear a smile, give out hugs, ask everyone about their lives, jobs, school, etc.   Smile more, frown less. Laugh more, cry less. Talk TO your loved ones and not AT them.

Basically, create the type of  environment people can’t wait to enter, hate to leave, and can’t wait to return to.

Your wonderful dream has just handed you a life changer!

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Dream Interpretation: What Does it Mean to Dream About a Hole in the Road?

The Dream Analysis May be Tough to Hear...

What does it mean to dream about a hole in the road?

When one dreams of a hole in the road, it is symbolic of something the dreamer feels they need to “watch out for.”  For example, a young lady once had a dream that she saw a hole in the road she was driving on. She was  Dream Interpretation Hole Dreamsovercome with fear of falling into the hole, even though her car in the dream could have safely driven over it.  It turned out that this young woman had recently reunited with an ex-boyfriend. Their first “time together,” as she worded it, had been a “nightmare.”  They fought constantly, never trusted one another, and actually ruined BOTH of their families holidays with their non-stop bickering.

They broke up and stayed apart for about 5 months before deciding to give the relationship another chance.  The “hole in the road dream” occurred after they’d been back together for about a week.

This dream was easy to interpret because the dream analysis was all but written on the wall.  The dreamer knew that there was a situation that presented potential trouble and harm. The hole in the road was symbolic of their relationship and her feeling of dread and fear of falling in the hole symbolized the anxiety she felt about the relationship.

She actually felt more apprehension than she realized, and her dream brought it all to the forefront.

When a dreamer sees a hole as a threat in his/her dream, it’s a good indication that there is something (or someone) in their life who they KNOW, deep down, can spell trouble for them. Their subconscious mind is completely in tune with this realization, even if their conscious mind keeps shoving it aside.

Holes in dreams usually represent a fear of a particular situation – or at least a feeling of anxiety about something.  But holes in dreams can (in the right context) be symbolic of hiding places and can, thereby, represent safeness. This safeness can mirror the safety and security the dreamer FEELS in life or the safety and security they DESIRE. When this is the case, the hole doesn’t pose a “threat” to the dreamer – it’s simply there.

However, more times than not, holes represent a perceived trap or danger the dreamer senses in life.

It all depends upon the other symbols in the dreams and, even more importantly, how the dreamer felt during the dream and immediately after awakening.


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