Keeping a Dream Journal

If you have a legitimate interest in your dreams and truly want to uncover what they’re trying to tell you, the first thing you need to do is buy a dream journal. You could probably even find an old notebook around your house that would work beautifully – without spending a red cent.

Most people think they will simply remember every detail of their dreams without writing down the details right away.  Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case.  Many times, important details are forgotten. In mere hours, large chunks of valuable dream details… just ripe for dream analysis… are lost forever.

It’s like priceless dream symbols flying out of the bedroom window!  Opportunities for self analysis, self growth, and self help lost forever.

Not good.

Another benefit of keeping a dream journal is that you’ll be able to see trends.  If you dream about lost loved ones, snakes, losing things, death, or clowns on a regular basis – it’s information that will prove valuable to a dreamologist (dream interpreter).

Dreaming about snakes once in a while will hold a different analysis, for example, than if you dream about them 2 or 3 times a week.

Whether you want to use the information to interpret your own dreams or you want to have the information, in full detail, handy for a dream interpreter such as the one on Dream Prophesy – a dream journal is absolutely KEY.

Below are top 10 most important things about keeping a dream journal:

  1. Keep your dream journal and pen near your bed. You’ll want to get the dream out of your head and onto paper as soon as possible. If you have to search around the house for the journal or the pen, you run the risk of “losing” valuable details.

  2. Keep your dream journal away from prying eyes! Even though the dream about Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt (or both) may actually hold an entirely different interpretation than expected – you might not be able to explain that to a certain someone!
  3. Write down every person who appears in your dream. Even if it’s someone you think isn’t at all important, write them down.  If you’re unsure who, exactly, the person was “supposed” to be – go with your gut feeling. Sometimes dreams are confusing, to say the least.
  4. Write down the feelings you experienced in the dream. How you felt during the dream is extremely important to its analysis and interpretation.
  5. Write down how you feel when you first wake up. Are you anxious, sad, mad, confused, elated?  How you feel, initially, also carries  a lot of weight in dream analysis.
  6. If you remember any particular phrases or “key” words in the dream, jot them down, along with who said them. You’ll know which words or phrases are “key” simply because they’ll stand out.
  7. Right before you fall asleep, remind yourself to remember important details about your dream(s). Doing so will help, over time, train you to better remember your dreams and help you to retain the information for longer periods of time.
  8. If you can’t remember an entire dream or you’re foggy on certain details, don’t sweat it! Write down what you can remember. DO NOT assume or try to fill in blanks with what you “think” happened in the dream.  If you don’t remember, you don’t remember.  Think about it this way, if it were truly that important and if it were extremely “key,” you’d probably remember!  Just write down the things you remember.
  9. Write down colors you recall from the dream.  Colors in dreams are very important! I’ll be adding a dream color chart to Dream Prophesy in a day or two.  You’ll be able to see the different interpretations for the different colors.  Write down each color that you remember. If you’re wearing a white top, write that down. If someone in your dream is angry at you and they’re wearing purple, write it down.
  10. Remember the importance of Dream Symbols. When  examining your dream and writing down the details in your dream journal, be sure to list any objects and/or animals that you recall – cats, pillows, birds, toasters, turtles, flowers, etc.

Start keeping a dream journal as soon as possible – it’ll change the way you look at dreams. The information in your journal, combined with the tools and information you’ll find on Dream Prophesy will help you analyze your dreams.  Dream analysis can help you in more ways than you can even begin to imagine.

It can open up a whole new world for you – so grab your pen, you won’t want to miss a thing!